Read The Notice Sent By TASSS Principal After Another Fire Was Started At The School

[UPDATE: A teen has been arrested and charged with arson in the first fire on Monday.]




There was another fire at TASSS today (March 28th), the second fire this week at the high school—the first occurred on Monday. And while the fire was contained quickly—it started in a bathroom again—there is obviously growing concern about who is starting them. This email below went out from TAS principal Annie Johnston this morning




From: Annie Johnston 


Sadly,the TAS community was again a victim of someone who has deliberately

set fire to a toilet roll in a washroom.  In this case the fire was found

and put out very quickly and the smoke and damage much less.


Students and staff followed the fire drill procedure quickly and co

operatively.  The washroom where the fire occurred was in a hallway that

could easily be closed off so the rest of the school could return to their

classes without further interuption.  They were outside approx. 15 min.

Members of the Board Joint health and Saftey team were notified of the

fire and the process to get students back to class safely.


 The 3 classes that were in that hall were moved to other rooms in the

school.   The Firefighters have cleared the area of smoke and have done

the needed air tests to ensure that it is safe.  There are no classes

taking place in that hall for the afternoon.  A small odour remains which

will discipate soom.


We will be having a whole school assembly this afternoon to discuss the

fires which happened  this week, how they have affected students, staff,

firefighters, police etc... and what we as a community can do to take

charge of our schoo so this does not happen again.   A fire fighter and a

policeman will  also be at the assembly with us.




Annie Johnston


Annie Johnston


Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School

1009 Armour Road North

Peterborough, Ontario

K9H 7H2



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