DBIA Featured Post: Runner's Life

Have you ever wondered where many of Peterborough's top athletes go to get their performance gear? Well Runner's Life is that place and it's located at 174 Charlotte St in downtown Peterborough.

Runner's Life is a running and triathlon focused store. Whether you're looking for a new pair of running shoes or a wetsuit, a stop watch or athletic clothing of any type, they've got just about everything! Brands such as Saucony, Asics and New Balance are just a few that you will find inside.

The shop has been locally owned and operated by Dave Dame for 10 years. A triathlete for 25 years himself, he took his passion for the sport and created a store where people with similar interests could come and purchase great gear while also getting outstanding service and information at the same time.

What you get at Runner's Life is specialized service. Each and every employee is well versed in the race world being racers themselves. Dame has had an Olympic athlete and athletic scholarship winners work alongside him over the years.

This unique situation of having experienced athletes selling products they actually use creates a great advantage over generic box stores selling mass produced items. To Dame, it isn't just about the sale: Their goal is to teach and advise each athlete how to get the most out of what they purchase, creating maximum value.

Over the years, Runner's Life has sponsored many events based in and around Peterborough. Most races that happen in our community have Runner's Life backing them up, whether they are major competitions or fun events for kids. They also take pride in having a used shoe drive each year that sends athletic shoes around the world to those less fortunate. To date, they have collected close to 3,000 pairs!

From advanced athletes to people looking for a start in running, each experience at the store is a genuine one and they welcome everyone to check it out!

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By Aaron Elliott