Watch: Pilot Episode For New Peterborough Comic Web Series "Jobless"

[UPDATE, Monday, June 17th] Watch a behind-the-scenes update on the new web series Jobless below and the success of their pilot episode:



With the unemployment rate in Peterborough hovering around a miserable 12 percent, a timely new comic YouTube series has been launched called Jobless. Created by Mike Moring and Adam Martignetti, and showcasing local actors filmed at locations throughout the city, the plotline is this: Two clueless/utterly unemployable twentysomething dudes strive to make ends meet by any means necessary in Peterborough. Brilliant concept. Now this series has great potential on many levels—at the very least, it shines another light on the huge problem we have in the community with young people finding any jobs—and who knows, could totally take off and create a few jobs/source of income in the entertainment industry. Watch the first episode of Jobless below; it's fun, self-deprecating stuff.

[YouTube; Facebook]

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