DBIA Featured Post: Electric City Bread Company


One of Downtown Peterborough’s newest ventures, located at 165 Sherbrooke St, is the beautifully laid out Electric City Bread Company. Owned and operated by Jordan Podiama, who runs the front of the house, and Jeremy Fletcher who works as a chef/baker, the bakery is aiming to bring back the craft of in-house baking to the downtown core.

The warm and cozy setting they have established is home to some of the finest bakery creations you will ever experience. They make their own bread, tarts, croissants, pie, soups and even butcher meat inside the premises. Jeremy and Jordan both share an appreciation for the farming community and locally produced goods, and thus everything you will taste inside the bakery is fresh and comes right from inside our community.

While their menu rotates, they always use what’s available with the seasons, and they pride themselves on using as many organic products as humanly possible in their creations. In creating baked goods and butchering meat (which they do on the days the bakery is closed on Sundays and Mondays) on site, they also like bringing to the table something that is of educational value to their valued customers.


Jeremy and Jordan, who along with her partner Matt also assists at the bakery, originally worked together in the Muskokas and had been dreaming of opening a shop of their own. It was when Peterborough was suggested as a great spot that they searched out the area and found a spot they felt would best suit what they wanted to create. What helped them choose the Sherbrooke St location was its proximity to water and the airy feeling that they could still sense while being located just on the outskirts of a booming downtown. They found their store to be in great shape, to have lots of space, and to have one of the easiest landlords they had ever dealt with.

Even though they have only been operating for a handful of months, Jordan and Jeremy have managed to forge many great relationships with not only their neighbours, but with a few other local busineses in town who sell some of their creations. Elements, The Pasta Shop, and JoAnne’s Place are a few locally owned and operated businesses where you’ll find Electric City Bread Company products on the shelves.

Jordan and Jeremy are really happy with the community of Peterborough that they have moved to and been accepted by, and really love the vibrancy, personality, nature, and potential that they see every day.

They currently serve both breakfast and lunch with plans of expanding to a dinner menu in the near future. If you’re looking for a new food experience downtown and enjoy food that is handcrafted on site, we suggest you give them a try! You’ll be happy you did.

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For more on Electric Bread Company (165 Sherbrooke St), go to:

Twitter: @ElectricBreadCo
Facebook: Electric Bread Company
Phone: (705) 874-8055

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By Aaron Elliott