PTBOCanada Featured Post: 12 Great Reasons To Use SaveOnEnergy Appliance Retirement Program

We all know someone who has one. You know, that old dumpy fridge or freezer still hooked up in the basement or garage draining electricity all for the sake of keeping a few things cooler. Is it really worth it to keep the old relic around? Here’s a hint: probably NOT. You can save up to $125 by simply getting rid of your old energy guzzling appliance! What’s the solution you ask? The SaveOnEnergy Appliance Retirement Program!


From now until only December 31st, 2014 in Peterborough, Peterborough Distribution Inc.—a division of Peterborough Utilities Group—is offering to pick up any full-sized refrigerator that is 15 years of age or older OR your full-sized freezer that is 20 years of age or older. The appliances must be between 10-27 cubic feet that and in working condition (plugged in 24 hrs prior to pick up). Plus, if you have at least one fridge or freezer collected, they’ll also pick up your old qualifying window air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

Still on the fence about taking part in the program? Here are 12 great reasons we think you should consider...

1. Think of the money you’ll save (up to $125/year) by not having the appliance powered up.
2. Your muscles will thank you for not straining them having to hoist the appliance out of your house! Someone else will do it for you. So relax.
3. Your significant other who has been asking you for years to part with your beloved appliance will thank you!
4. Your appliances are recycled and the steel is reused for things such as bridges and roads.
5. You can earn 100 AIR MILES rewards when you register online and get rid of your qualifying fridge and/or freezer.

6. You’ll have more space for storage.
7.  If you have at least one fridge or freezer collected, they'll also pick up your old qualifying window air conditioner or dehumidifier.
8. By getting rid of an old energy eating appliance, you’ll be helping save unnecessary strain on our energy grid.
9. You avoid the dumps disposal fee, on top of the energy savings.
10. The process is really simple. Short and sweet!
11. This is your excuse to go out and buy the fancy energy efficient appliance you’ve always wanted!
12. Remember: This offer (including the AIR MILES) ends December 31, 2014, so DON’T DELAY!

For more information on the program and to confirm that your appliances are eligible, please visit visit or call 1-877-797-9473 today.

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