Peterborough Offering H20 Mobile Drinking Water Station For Events

Your summer event can now include a PTBO H2O water station that shows up and provides refreshing, cold tap water.

The accessible mobile station has eight water fountains and eight water bottle refill stations. This picture below is similar to what it will look like—but Peterborough Utilities tells PTBOCanada it is in the final stage of construction and will be digitally wrapped with their branding.

Image supplied by PUC

Image supplied by PUC

The PTBO H2O Mobile Drinking Water Station serves as a fun and practical way to educate people about one of our most valuable resources—drinking water.

Those interested in booking the PTBO H2O Mobile Drinking Water Station can contact Peterborough Utilities Service at 705-748-9301 (ext 1258) or email You can also find more info on their website.

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Look At This Tribute Peterborough Utilities Did During Former Co-Worker's Funeral Procession

Look At This Tribute Peterborough Utilities Did During Former Co-Worker's Funeral Procession


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PTBOCanada Featured Post: 12 Great Reasons To Use SaveOnEnergy Appliance Retirement Program

PTBOCanada Featured Post: 12 Great Reasons To Use SaveOnEnergy Appliance Retirement Program

Promoted post by Peterborough Distribution Inc.

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PTBOCanada Featured Post: Peterborough Utilities Peaksaver Plus Program

As we enter the warmer months of the year in Central Ontario, the desire to crank up the Air Conditioning becomes almost impossible to ignore. For those who are fortunate enough to have Central Air, the thought of wasting energy and an increased utility bill can be a major stumbling block. If only there was a way around this issue! Luckily for us, Peterborough Utilities is thinking green and is running saveONenergy programs to help alleviate the stress. The programs are designed to help conserve electricity and there are a whole host of free gadgets that you can get for participating.

One of the main programs is peaksaver PLUS®. People who decide to participate in the program receive a FREE programmable thermostat. This incredible device allows you to control and monitor your home’s temperature through your smart phone or computer. You can turn up your thermostat on your way home from work, or check on your house while you are away travelling. Take a minute to imagine the freedom! The times are certainly changing!

Now it might seem a bit strange that an electricity company is asking you to conserve electricity (and giving you free items for doing so). Well, when too much electricity is used at once, it can be a double-whammy to the electricity grid. Not only do non-renewable sources of energy (i.e. gas plants) need to be fired-up to meet the demand, but it can also result in brown outs which are times when electricity in your home or business does not work optimally. This in turn also costs a whole bunch of money to utility companies to keep up with the demand.

Happy family using the  peaksaver  PLUS program

Happy family using the peaksaver PLUS program

Those who decide to participate in the peaksaver PLUS program have the option of participating in peaksaver events. These events happen when everyone is using electricity at the same time. During this time, if you decide to take part in the program your central air will be cycled down by a few degrees to take pressure off the grid. (However, you have the option to “opt-out” or choose not to participate two times during the year.) These peaksaver events can happen between May 1st and September 30th between 12:00 pm and 7:00 pm. They never last more than 4 hours and there is a maximum of 10 events per year. Events only happen during the week, not on weekends or holidays so you likely won’t notice them at all!

Not only are you helping to conserve electricity and getting an awesome programmable thermostat, but you also receive 100 AIR MILES reward miles for participating in the program. For more information on Peterborough Utilities programs, click on this informative website.

For more information on PDI's Peaksaver PLUS program, go to:

Twitter: @ptbo_utilities
Facebook: Peterborough Utilities Group
Phone: 705.748.6900

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PTBOCanada Pics From Doors Open At PUC & Fire Station #3

We had a chance to pop in to both the PUC's Water Treatment Plant (1230 Water Street) and the Peterborough Fire Station #3 (839 Clonsilla Avenue) during Saturday's Doors Open. One neat thing is that despite how modern both buildings were, they both contained a link to the past. The Fire Station has a mini museum of older firefighting equipment, including a pair of "Cover's Gas Tight Rubber Goggles" from the 1940s, and the water treatment plant has an older scale and testing equipment. Nice to see that Peterborough's past is not forgotten.

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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