Episode 1: "PTBOCanada Live With Mike Judson" Podcast

UPDATE: Soundcloud audio version below...

Below is the first installment of our new video podcast PTBOCanada Live With Mike Judson! Episodes are filmed live to tape at Riley's Pub in downtown Peterborough on Sunday afternoons from 3-ish to 4 pm-ish. Thanks to the live studio audience who came down for our first show—all are welcome to come watch! Guests in Episode 1 include Carl Oake, Maryam Monsef and Michael Dalton, with a special appearance by Koski.



Thanks to our sponsors of Episode 1 Riley's Pub, Kawartha TV & Stereo, Publican House Brewery, Century 21 and Maars Music. Thanks to Peterborough's Streetlight Social for our theme music jingle, and to Ryan Weir for our theme animation.

We hope this is the beginning of something special, telling great stories in longform interviews about the people and personalities making this commmunity what it is.

Watch the full podcast below... (Editing mistakes and small aspect ratio courtesy Mike Judson.)  [Make sure to start it at the 0:00 mark, as the video may jump forward when you hit play. A Judson trick.]

If you're interested in more info on our podcast whether it's joining us in the live studio audience, being a guest or being a show sponsor, email us!

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