DBIA Featured Post: Greater Peterborough Health Services Foundation (GPHSF)

If you live in or around Peterborough and have a pulse, then surely you have dealt with some part of our cities great healthcare team at some time or another. Behind every great team is a great coach and management, which is exactly what the Greater Peterborough Health Services Foundation (GPHSF) can be considered. Located at 150 King St, the foundation formerly known as the St. Joseph’s Care Foundation has been an integral part of our community for almost 30 years now.

In a nutshell, the foundation is a major fundraiser for healthcare equipment, education, research and innovative programs that help the community’s health care team give its patients the best treatment possible.

The foundation consists of a team of tireless workers, including Executive director Hannah Routly, Fundraising and Communications Coordinator Carol Lawless, Board Chair Laura Boden, and physician lead ambassador Dr. Don Harterre to name just a few. On top of these positions are a long list of tremendous volunteers who aid in improving the community based health care system that the GPHSF aims to put forth.

Along with its fundraising efforts, the GPHSF also works behind the scenes in our community in creating and fostering a team like atmosphere with every branch of healthcare. From nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and mental health clinicians, to medical secretaries, dieticians, and family physicians, they help combine the expertise of a team working together to provide you with the right care, when you need it, same day or at a time convenient to you.

This overall team effort has been helping to make things better in our community for years now and the GPHSF is actually the first foundation in Canada to support such a family health care team.

One of the GPHSF's major events held yearly is the Peterborough Speaker Series. This year's event, titled Fire Starters, is taking place on April 16th at Market Hall. Previously the GPHSF has also been a part of the Festival of Trees and the Freedom 55 Financial charity golf tournament.

A few of the initiatives and items that the GPHSF has been a major part in assisting with are the incredible Partners in Pregnancy clinic, which works with many women in our community going through various phases of pregnancy. They have also recently raised money to purchase ophthalmology equipment, 17 automated external defibrillators, 40 pulse oximeters, and 20 patient transport chairs that are all located across the city helping our healthcare team put forth the greatest care possible.


For more information on GPHSF, and to find out about volunteer opportunities, go to:
Website: Gphsf.ca
Twitter: @Gphsf
Facebook: Gphsf
Phone: 705.740.8074

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By Aaron Elliott