Escape Maze Live Interactive Game On Peterborough Farm Is Historical Thriller

Once you enter into the dimly lit room, you will hear the lock on the old wooden door click shut behind you. You and your friends now only have 45 minutes to figure out how to escape! Scattered around the room are a loosely connected set of clues that you will have to decipher to get you one step closer to freedom. Some take math skills, others are physical puzzles and brainteasers. Communication skills are key as you help each other try and make some sense as to where to start or make use of the evidence. Various lockboxes may contain the next step, but how do you get into them to begin with?

Escape Maze Creators Jake Walling with Fred Preddy

Escape Maze Creators Jake Walling with Fred Preddy

Welcome to Escape Maze, a great new cerebral challenge located here in Peterborough created by Fred Preddy and his sister Jake Walling. There are two escape rooms: The Gold Rush Room (for 2 to 6 players) and the Old Saloon (for 2 to 8 players) are themed upon the 1866 gold rush that came to Eldorado, Ontario. Not only will you get a brief local history lesson but will also have the opportunity to dress the part.

Not sure if you'll feel comfortable being confined in the room? Don't worry, you can always use the "Emergency Key" attached to the door knob to let you out (and there is video surveillance to ensure no one gets hurt). The suggested age range is 13 years old and up, and no electronic devices will be allowed into the rooms.

Escape Maze is located on a farm at 156 Cedar Bank Road. If you have any questions, give them at call at 705-740-3657. You can also follow Escape Maze on Facebook, Twitter and book your visit online.


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