PTBOCanada Featured Post: Dr. Brenda Tapp On The Vital Importance Of Naturopathic Health Care

Dr. Brenda Tapp

Dr. Brenda Tapp

The past 20 years have seen an overwhelming increase in consumer demand for safe and effective natural health care. Doctors trained in the science of natural health care at accredited medical schools are known as naturopathic doctors.

Why would you see a naturopathic doctor? Well, according to Dr. Brenda Tapp of the Peterborough Centre of Naturopathic Medicine (PCNM), the core of naturopathic intervention is to treat the root cause of illness instead of relying on bandaid solutions. More than 75% of all disease is a result of poor diet and lifestyle which conventional medicine fails to address. Improving one's diet can significantly improve one's health. Doctor comes from the latin word docere which means "to teach". Dr. Tapp takes this to heart and spends time with each of her patients, teaching them about their health.


The majority of family physicians just do not have the time to spend with their patients discussing nutrition and lifestyle changes pertinent to their health. This is where naturopathic doctors come in. Their training allows them to use food as medicine with their patients. Don't have a family physician? Naturopathic doctors are able to fill the gap in the physician shortage. They have 8 years of post secondary education at university and naturopathic medical school. They use industry standards for patient history taking and physical exams, as well as ordering blood work and referring for appropriate diagnostic imaging when indicated.


With regard to treatment, naturopathic doctors rely on natural therapies that are validated by scientific research. In fact, most pharmaceuticals on the market today come from plants. Naturopathic doctors prescribe these plants, which in most cases are just as effective with fewer side effects as a result of being consumed in their natural state. By adding naturopathic medicine to their health care options, patients are experiencing increased satisfaction and improved recovery time.

Dr. Tapp

Dr. Tapp


Dr. Tapp is incredibly passionate about this form of medicine and has dedicated much of her time to educating the community about it. Born and raised in Peterborough, she graduated from Trent University and then went on to Toronto to attend naturopathic medical school. After completing her schooling and internship, she wrote her board licensing exams and moved back to Peterborough to open PCNM—the city's only clinic that specializes in integrative cancer care as well as family medicine.

Dr. Tapp is a member of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians. She has brought back many therapies only available in integrative clinics in Toronto to improve the health of the Peterborough community. Dr. Tapp strives to promote local by integrating local organic farms, butchers, herbalists and the farmers' market into her treatment protocols. She wants health care to be sustainable, to support the local economy and to not harm the environment.

This is the first in a series with Dr. Brenda Tapp of of the Peterborough Centre of Naturopathic Medicine.

If you have any questions about your health or about naturopathic medicine, Dr. Tapp would be happy to answer them. For more info on Dr. Tapp, go to:

Phone: 705.761.6596
Twitter: @PtboNaturopath

Facebook: PeterboroughCentreOfNaturopathicMedicine

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