PTBOCanada Featured Post: Lakefield College School Open House October 18th

With a longstanding history as one of Ontario’s leading private schools, Lakefield College School is not your typical independent school—it has a casual, unique atmosphere/setting yet is a top quality institution.

Offering a vibrant day school program to more than 100 local students, "The Grove" (as it is well known) currently attracts boarding students from over 29 countries. Founded in 1879, LCS is an independent, co-educational high school located just north of Peterborough (at 4391 County Road 29, Douro Dummer) right before you hit Clear Lake and cottage country.

LCS—located on a picturesque, stunning campus with Katchewanooka Lake as a backdrop—is holding its annual Open House on Saturday, October 18th at 10 a.m. to share with prospective students and their families what it firmly believes to be the best learning experience in the province!


LCS combines a rigorous academic curriculum with unique experiential learning opportunities that encourage a passion for lifelong learning and fosters leadership development, resiliency and confidence—key factors to achieving success. At LCS, you’ll find top quality teachers who have the freedom to be innovative; specialized settings to enhance learning styles; a personalized approach with smaller student to staff ratios (7:1); a high academic standard; and an incredible post-secondary success rate (100 percent acceptance to universities and the majority attend university of first choice).

Lakefield College School is committed to ensuring that outstanding students have the opportunity to attend. About $1.6 million in partial financial assistance is offered annually to one in four of their students. LCS is incredibly proud of the unprecedented level of support they are able to offer their students!

At LCS, individualized learning support is offered to best fit the personality and overall needs of each and every student. Having a chance to both live and learn with students from around the world enhances the learning experience for students and encourages global awareness.

LCS recently adopted a new schedule which reduces the number of classes from five to four in the typical day and at the same time increases the length of classes. Head of School Struan Robertson says, “With only four classes per day instead of five, students can organize their workload more effectively and have more time during class for meaningful learning with their teachers and peers.”

With 2/3 students living on campus, day students have the option of taking advantage of a program schedule that maximizes 24/7 learning opportunities. There are opportunities to sign up for nighttime classes during the school year and online classes (in the summer) to expand learning hours. This helps prepare students for university life just around the corner.


Each day, students are allotted 90 minutes of “Grove Time”. This is flexible time offering enrichment activities such as specialized workshops, leadership development, guidance, clubs or extra help if needed. The school stresses the importance of leadership and character development at all times. Its leadership program—delivered through each grade level—explores concepts of identity and self-reflection, character, and becoming responsible citizens of the student’s local and global communities.


The school’s Senior-in-Charge Program offers graduating students the chance to assume positions of responsibility and put their leadership skills into practice as community leaders by filling positions such as Heads of School Life, Heads of Houses, Athletic Spokespersons and leading charitable funding initiatives. These roles not only assist the younger students on campus, but are a vital tool in the growth of the seniors before they venture off to post-secondary life.

While at LCS, students graduate to attend prestigious universities around the world. The core of all of its programming lies in the fundamental belief of value-based learning to develop strong leaders for our world’s future.

To learn more about LCS and its Open House on October 18th, visit:

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You can pre-register for the LCS Open House here.

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