No One RSVP-ed For This 13-Year-Old's Birthday So Let's Make Him Feel Loved

UPDATE (March 20th, 2015): Our post has gone viral around the planet with nearly 900,000+ views... but most importantly... the internet and Peterborough gave one heck of a birthday party for #OdinBirthday. Read some of the tweets and our original story below...




Odin is a 13-year-old boy. He has Aspergers, struggles with making friends, and is bullied. Odin is turning 13 today (March 20th). He put out birthday party invites, and no one RSVP-ed.

So now his mom, Melissa, is taking him bowling instead, and hoping guests will show up to wish him a special day at this open bowling event at Lakeview Bowl in Peterborough tonight.

Melissa also wants people to text him birthday wishes to make him feel awesome. (See the number in the screengrab below.)

So let's give Odin a terrific birthday. Text him birthday wishes, and drop by Lakeview Bowl if you can.

Odin, happy birthday dude! You have the best mom in the world. See everything she's doing for him today in the screengrab below...

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