PTBOCanada Featured Post: 3 Stories From Those Who Walk In The Relay For Life #WhyIRelay

PTBOCanada file photo / Julie Morris

PTBOCanada file photo / Julie Morris

There are few words that carry as much weight as the word "cancer". If it hasn’t impacted you personally, chances are that it has touched someone else’s life you know to some degree.

As each year passes however, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to become just a little bit brighter thanks to research and new technologies taking the fight with cancer head on! The Canadian Cancer Society, with a branch in Peterborough, plays a large part in today’s battle with the dreaded disease. They stay incredibly active in our community raising funds for life-saving research, working with families currently affected, and encouraging preventative measures.

PTBOCanada file photo / Julie Morris

PTBOCanada file photo / Julie Morris

One of their largest events, held yearly here and in communities across Canada, is the Relay For Life—which takes place this year on Saturday, June 6th from 12 noon to 12 midnight at Crestwood Secondary School. Community Fundraising Specialist Emily Vassiliadis says that the event brings together participants from across the city and surrounding areas, raising money that goes towards research, programs and services. Relay is about the challenge of walking at Crestwood over 12 hours with your team as you pass the baton among your teammates.

With Peterborough being such a tight knit community, chances are someone you know is involved in Relay For Life. Here are a few regular participants who would like to share with you the reason they walk...

1. Anne Arnold: Why I Relay



“Years ago I attended my first Relay for Life to support and honour my buddy Barbara Moncrief, my hero! Barb was diagnosed with breast cancer the previous year and I thought what better way to give back to an organization that reached out to her when she needed support.

I continue to Relay for the many friends and relatives since that time that have battled, won and lost their lives to cancer. Three years ago, I lost my Mom who was my best friend and a few years before that a cousin.

Our team, 'We Walk Amongst Angels', is made up of friends and relatives and we are always one of the top fundraising teams. The luminary lap is so touching and emotional and definitely my favourite part of the event. Please join us this year to celebrate, remember and fight back!”

—by Anne Arnold

2. Lacey Carslake: Why I Relay



“Why do I Relay? I relay because all of our lives have been affected by cancer in some way. Either we know someone who has had cancer or we live with a fear of the impact of this awful disease that takes too many.

Relay For Life is an opportunity to honour those who have been affected by this disease and take a stand against that fear.

We can conquer cancer and make this disease something we only read about in the history books; I want to be a part of the cure!  I’m not a scientist, so I can’t find a cure myself but I can raise the funds to make a cure possible.”

—by Lacey Carslake

3. Sharon Baptie: Why I Relay

Sharon with her granddaughter Maci (who is now cancer free)

Sharon with her granddaughter Maci (who is now cancer free)

“This year the Baptie Family have a lot to celebrate! In 2015, we are doing the Relay to celebrate that my Granddaughter Maci and my brother Rick are cancer free!

We also walk for many that fought and didn't win the Battle. I have lost many dear family members from this dreaded disease—my Father Wally, my Mother-in-Law Joan, my Grandmother and my Aunts Nancy and Norma.

We have all been touched by Cancer, and my hope is that some day no one will have to suffer from this disease. I work in a Family Doctors office, and I encourage all our patients to do Preventative Care. When caught early, Cancer Can Be Beaten!"

—by Sharon Baptie

The stories from these participants might mirror your thoughts or maybe you have a completely different reason for wanting to sign up. No matter what it is, anyone and everyone is encouraged to take part!

For more info on Relay For Life and the Canadian Cancer Society, please visit:
Peterborough Office website
Facebook page: CanadianCancerSociety
Twitter: @CCSPtbo

Peterborough office location: 730 The Kingsway

Contact Relay For Life event organizer Emily Vassiliadis for more information at 705.742.3823 or via email. For more info about signing up to join this year's Relay, click here.

If you're on Twitter, use the hashtag #WhyIRelay.


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