PTBOCanada Featured Post: 19 Things About Pedal For Hope's Guinness World Record Attempt

UPDATE: May 15th...

On Saturday, May 16th, more than 250 participants will be shaving their heads at the Peterborough Airport, attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the most amount of head shaves simultaneously.

The Pedal For Hope team will wrap up the 2015 tour by riding into the Loomex Building at the Peterborough Airport and joining the community as they attempt to shatter the current record of 210 people in Ohio, USA. Amanda Mochan, Adjudicator with Guinness World Records, New York City, will be in attendance. Once the head shaves are complete, she will declare if Peterborough is a record holder for the head shave category!

Registration opens at 9 am, Guinness participants should be in their seats at 11:15 am, the Pedal For Hope rides the final kilometer at 11:30am, the Opening Ceremonies start at 12 pm, and the head shaving begins at 12:15 pm.

Location -> Peterborough Airport, Loomex Hangar 925 Airport Road, Peterborough

Good luck to all participants!



Photo by Christina Handley

Photo by Christina Handley

In a little over a month, the 11th Annual Pedal for Hope fundraiser is taking place in Peterborough. Pedal for Hope is a three week, 1,000 kilometre cycling tour delivering a message about kids living with cancer and supporting Pediatric Cancer Research. This year, the bike ride is from April 27th to May 16th.

To add to the excitement this year, organizers have added a fun new twist: They need your help in attempting to set a Guinness World Record at Peterborough Airport (925 Airport Rd) on May 16th at the Pedal For Hope Final Ride in Celebration.

***The record attempt will be for most head shaves done simultaneously!

Photo by Christina Handley

Photo by Christina Handley

This might seem like a daunting task, so here are a few things worth considering when decided to sign up for this amazing opportunity for a great cause and to make history...

1. The Guinness World Records began keeping records in 1951

2. The current record for group head shaving is 210 participants
3. The city of Mason, Ohio currently holds the record
4. Guinness World Records receives upwards of 50,000 requests to set records yearly—let's make this one count!

5. This is a sanctioned event by Guinness World Records, and a representative will be there!

6. Taking place May 16th, it's just in time for the (hopefully warm) Victoria Day long weekend

7. If you sign up, you can tell your kids and grand kids you were part of a Guinness World Record!
8. It's a chance at a free hair cut
9. Women: Sinead O'Connor and Natalie Portman have all rocked the shaved look
10. Guys: Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, and Samuel L Jackson have made bald look beautiful
11. Your spring and summer will be that much cooler with that short cut!
12. Think of how much easier your hats will fit afterwards
13. The event takes place at the Peterborough Airport, which is a great place to visit

Photo via

Photo via

14. You're doing it for a great cause (the yearly Pedal For Hope Campaign)!

15. Now you won't be told "you should get a hair cut" by your loved ones
16. Hundreds of pounds of hair will hit the ground and yours could be part of it

17. You'll be a part of Peterborough history!

18. This could be a family bonding moment!
19. It's your chance to meet local police officers—these officers pedal 1,000 km each spring to raise money for pediatric cancer research

This -> Sign up now!

For more info and to sign up, go here:
Phone number: 705.742.3238
Facebook pages: Pedal For Hope
Guinness Record Event Page
Twitter: @PedalForHopeCa
Twitter hashtag: #GuinessRecordPtbo

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