This Four Sacred Mountains Of Canada Buddhist Temple Under Development Near Peterborough Is Stunning

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Chosen because of its serenity, tranquility and natural environment, a beautiful—and huge site—under development on the outskirts of Peterborough near Bethany will become the home of four temples replicating the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China.

Wutai Shan, a representation of infinite wisdom, is the first temple being constructed by the Buddhist Association of Canada—a majestic 530 acre site where all these pictures were taken.

Wutai Shan is named after one of the 4 sacred Buddhist Mountains in China, with Manjusri as its patron Buddha. Manjusri represents Great Wisdom.

The temple site is being built according to the classical architectural styles and methods of the Tang Dynasty. The wooden portion is built in China, taken apart and shipped to Canada to be reassembled in its new home here.

The rosewood is like giant Lego pieces.

Indeed, the buildings will be of significant architectural interest to many, as the wooden structures are built with the ancient art called Dougong—using wooden interlocking brackets without a single nail.

PTBOCanada was on a tour as part of the TMAC conference—Travel Media Association of Canada—on Thursday (June 11th) which gave us an exclusive look at the site's development.

Travel journalists and representatives from across North America were completely blown away by the scale and beauty of the development.

One of many highlights was seeing—and ringing—the amazing Peace Bell at the site...

The man-made Wisdom Lake was another highlight, a place of complete serenity.

Simply put, The Four Sacred Mountains of Canada is inspiring and majestic, and will be a tourism boom for this area—not to mention the number of devoted Buddhists that will come here—once constructed and as it begins to open to the public in a few years...

So by now you're probably asking... why did they choose this site? Why this near Peterborough?

The simple answer is, Why Not?

The larger explanation is this: In the late 1980s, the Founders from the Buddhist Association  were looking all over North America, and fell in love with this area because of its tranquil and beautiful natural environment. In order to build meditation and retreat centers, a lot of land is needed to insulate the site from outside noises. This was the perfect spot, and it was purchased in 1990.

And now, construction is progressing nicely.

Once completed—and this could take up to 20 years to finish all 4 sites—the 4 sacred Buddhist Mountains in Canada will be the largest single Buddhist complex outside China.

Right here, near Peterborough.

Amazing, yes.

—by Neil Morton

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