Millennium Park To Take On Jurassic Park Feel For Raptors Fans On Game Nights

Mayor Diane Therrien is hosting the live broadcast of the Toronto Raptors NBA Finals games with a large, outdoor screen in Millennium Park, starting Friday, June 7th, with Game 4 (tipoff is at at 9 p.m).

The live broadcast viewings in Millennium Park (located at 130 King St.) under the stars are free to attend. Bring your blanket for the ground or chair, and join as the community—like other Jurassic Park-type outdoor public viewings across Canada—cheer on the Raptors together as they seek their first NBA championship title.

Mayor Therrien at Jurassic, er, Millennium Park

Mayor Therrien at Jurassic, er, Millennium Park

“We are excited to be able to offer this opportunity to bring the community together to celebrate Canadian sports,” says Mayor Therrien. “I hope to see everyone there. Go Raptors!”

Toronto Raptors Live broadcast viewings in Millennium Park (130 King St.) are as follows…

• Game 4 – Friday, June 7, 9 p.m.
• Game 5 – Monday, June 10, 9 p.m.
• Game 6 – Thursday, June 13, 9 p.m. (if necessary)
• Game 7 – Sunday, June 16, 8 p.m. (if necessary)

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Peterborough Ranked One Of Most Active Cities In Canada

Expedia has ranked Peterborough one of the 21 most active cities in Canada. 

Some of the factors Expedia looked at in compiling their list include: average number of marathons and hiking trails; access to bike paths, trails, and races; per capita gyms; and abundance of outdoor activities such as kayaking, canoeing, etc.

Photo by Neil Morton, PTBOCanada

Photo by Neil Morton, PTBOCanada

"To paraphrase Salt-N-Pepa, you’ve got to push it when you’re in Peterborough, Ontario," Expedia says of Peterborough.

"This means pushing your endurance along Trent Canal when you’re riding your bike next to dozens of pros. Pushing your body up just a little higher off the safe ground at Rock and Rope Climbing Centre. And pushing your paddle skills on Little Lake to one day earn a glittering spot at the Canadian Canoe Museum in town."


Click here to view Expedia's entire ranking.

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Help Peterborough's Mark Steel Get A New Prosthetic Leg

On October 4th 2017, Peterborough's Mark Steel was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma, the same type of bone cancer that Terry Fox (his hero) had.

Due to the size, aggression and location of the tumour, Mark, 21, had his right leg amputated and now requires a prosthetic leg. Even though he's getting some help from the government to pay for it, there's still a long way to go to cover that cost.

Mark Steel

Mark Steel

So Mark has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for a new leg. His older sister, Jamie, tweeted about it here...

Mark used to love running in Terry Fox runs as a kid, and now hopes to run across Peterborough some day—and perhaps further—with a new leg and do his part to raise awareness for cancer research.

Watch his heartfelt plea below in a video he posted to YouTube, and please give what you can here... 

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PTBOCanada Featured Post: Awesome Canada 150 Celebrations In Peterborough

PTBOCanada Featured Post: Awesome Canada 150 Celebrations In Peterborough

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Pokemon Go Allows People Of All Ages To Explore Peterborough In New, Unique Ways

Pokemon Go Allows People Of All Ages To Explore Peterborough In New, Unique Ways

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Is Uber Coming To Peterborough?

There has been buzz in the community lately about the possiblilty of Uber coming to town.

Uber—which connects riders and drivers using their own vehicles through a smartphone app—has been expanding aggressively around the world (it is now available in 68 countries). That expansion includes here in Canada, where it is already available in cities like Toronto, Montreal, Hamilton, Ottawa, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Calgary, Kingston and more.

The service is not yet available in Peterborough, and when PTBOCanada asked Uber Support whether it will be coming here, they responded: "We're expanding quickly. So stay tuned for any changes! You can keep up to date with our cities on"

Picture via

Picture via

What do you think of the possibility of the Uber service coming to Peterborough at some point? Tell us on our Facebook page.

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Long & McQuade Hosting Grand Opening Party November 14th

Long & McQuade is having a Grand Opening Celebration at their new Peterborough location (129 Alymer St.) on Saturday, November 14th. 

photo by PTBOCanada's Evan Holt

photo by PTBOCanada's Evan Holt

The music store is celebrating that day with free food, prizes and giveaways, and great in-store specials. There will also be performances by Washboard Hank, Vern's CombFunny Funk and the Peterborough Concert Band throughout the day.

The grand opening party is 10 am to 6 pm November 14th.

Learn more about Long & McQuade's services, including music lessons, on their website.

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Why Peterborough Could Emerge As One Of The Tech Cities In Canada

Peterborough has always been known as a city of innovation. It's in our DNA. The city now has the opportunity to emerge as one of the tech cities in Canada—or anywhere. Here are 15 reasons why... 

1. Peterborough has always been ahead of the curve, from being the first city in Canada with electric street lighting (1884) to constructing the highest hydraulic lock in the world (1904)—see more examples here.

2. Peterborough has tremendous talent from Trent University and Fleming College to feed from—students (aka digital natives) from all over the world who were raised with mobile devices and apps as a part of their lives, and some of whom are now starting tech-based businesses.

3. Peterborough is known for being tech-savvy, an early adopter that engages with new tech, digital media and social media platforms. Ideas get incubated and shared here in the "creative economy" by global citizens (digital natives and digital immigrants) sharing on mobile in real-time. (Our media company began as a Twitter handle.)

4. The spirit of innovation, adapting and evolving has emerged from manufacturing giants in Peterborough like Quaker Oats, the old Outboard Marine, and of course GE (whose "Electric City” moniker comes from GE's long association with the city).

5. Peterborough organizations have really begun to embrace the collaborative approach to city-, community-, business-, tech-building, allowing for start-up ideas to be incubated and get off the ground sooner—and from right here in Peterborough rather than another city. Less red tape, more Let's Just Do This.

6. High schools and elementary schools are adding to their curriculum exciting new ways of exploring and using technology in the classroom setting to teach, adapting to the real tech world children are raised in and inspired by. Some school boards are creating hashtags to share their findings. These students, and their ideas, are the future of this city.

7. The city's history is rooted in creative people who experiment and push the envelope, from Sir Sandford Fleming (who lived here as a young engineer), to Erica Cherney, to Jim Balsillie (born and raised in Peterborough)—co-founder and former co-CEO of Research in Motion ("BlackBerry").

8. The likes of Peterborough Economic Development, Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster, Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, Peterborough Angels, DBIA, City of Peterborough, Bears' Lair and Startup Peterborough are exploring (and rewarding) how technology, digital and innovation can develop our city in the modern era—and most importantly, retain young, bright, innovative minds.

9. Peterborough—long known as a hub for beta testing products and ideas, many of which eventually hit national and international markets—is emerging as one of the "start-up" communities in Canada, fostering and mentoring young entrepreneurs at a grassroots level, giving them autonomy to build, learn, make mistakes, grow.

10. Peterborough is realizing the value of experimentation and testing out ideas on social media platforms and elsewhere to explore possibilities and kickstart businesses that could change the city—and world. The "Why the hell not?" attitude has caught on. 

11. Technology could be a game changer for Peterborough, and young entrepreneurs see that. In fact, the most powerful testimonials come from startups themselves: "This city is becoming a fast adapter of technology," startup Ribbet co-founder Sana Virji tells PTBOCanada. "With numerous startups growing in the region, we know Peterborough is the place to be."

12. If you look around you and see how people are consuming and sharing information, it's on mobile devices, iPads and laptops. It's not so much newspapers, magazines, phone and TV sets anymore. The world has changed. Gen Z, millennials, Gen Xers and, more and more, Baby Boomers, are staring at their iPhones screens because that's where they are reading, watching video, sharing info and fostering ideas. Leisure, play and work are there now. It's a new, exciting world.  

13. From seasoned local digital companies like OutdoorSmart (the successful company behind BoatSmart!) to start-ups like Noble Purification, the future of Peterborough is emerging as much on technology and startups as manufacturing and other traditional industries (which they themselves are re-thinking approaches in the modern era).

14. Hubs, think tanks, digital networking, pods, incubators, clusters, re-thinking work spaces are all being re-imagined in Peterborough, as "traditional" work—and its office notion of "9 to 5" in a cubicle—undergoes a transformative era. Nowadays, you can build a company from your dining room table. Or the café. Or wherever.  

15. Look at it this way, too: The more Peterborough becomes known as a tech city surrounded by beautiful water, restaurants, stores and people—with all the amenities of urban and rural—the more we'll see talented people drawn to study here, intern here, start up businesses here, be hired by tech companies here in need, and stay here. And raise families here.

Basically, all the ingredients and momentum are here to create an amazing tech ecosystem that becomes the talk of the town—and Canada. Hashtag that.

Neil Morton


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