Pig's Ear Turns 150

The Pig's Ear Tavern (aka the Piggy) on Brock Street is one of Peterborough's oldest pubs, opening originally as the St. Maurice Saloon in 1865 (after subsequent name changes, it became the Pig's Ear in 1975).

The Piggy is celebrating its 150 anniversary at a bash Saturday, September 26th. 

Generations of Trent University students and locals have spent (blurry) nights at this landmark playing pool, darts, Pingo, peanut races, being a jukebox hero, watching live music—and drinking a Labatt 50 or two or three or 50... well, yeah, we lost count, too. 

What are your memories of the Piggy? (We know they might be foggy as some hangovers last years.) Share them on our Facebook page.

And hey, if you're still in town, celebrate this weekend.

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