Closing Time: The Pig's Ear Tavern Has Been Sold

Well it's official. The iconic Pig's Ear Tavern in Peterborough has been sold and is closing for good. The Piggy posted the news to their Facebook page on Friday (the 13th).

"The closing date is scheduled for April 22nd, 2017," co-owner Lylie Ryder says on Facebook. "The final count down has begun...100 DAYS."

Owners John Punter and Lylie are retiring. The Pig's Ear Tavern (fondly known as "The Piggy") on Brock Street is one of Peterborough's oldest pubs, opening originally as the St. Maurice Saloon in 1865 (after subsequent name changes, it became the Pig's Ear in the mid-Seventies).

The Piggy celebrated its 150th anniversary in Fall 2015.

This watering hole in downtown Peterborough is the place where generations of great memories (and epic hangovers) were made.

If you're coming home to Ptbo for a visit or live in town, make sure to drop by for a Labatt 50 or tray in the next few months before it's closing.

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Pig's Ear Turns 150

Pig's Ear Turns 150

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