18 Iconic Places In Peterborough

We've compiled a subjective list (in no particular order) of 18 iconic places in the city—places that come immediately to mind when you think of Peterborough.

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1. Armour Hill

(Windows too steamed to get a clear picture.)

2. The Market Hall Tower

3. Pig's Ear (just celebrated its 150th anniversary)

4. PCVS (you are greatly missed)

5. Peterborough Square (remember its heyday when it was the place to be in the '70s and '80s)

6. The Lift Lock

7. Historic Red Dog

8. Old Montreal House on King St. (now Dr. J's)

9. Memorial Centre (aka PMC, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this fall)

10. Quaker Plant (we can smell the oats)

11. Peterborough Armoury

12. Cathedral of Saint Peter-in-Chains

13. Trent University's Traill College

14. Hunter St. Bridge

15. East City Bowl

16. Riverview Park & Zoo

Yea, we're looking at you

Yea, we're looking at you

17. East City Coffee Shop

18. The old Hi Tops Restaurant

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