Kawarthas From The Sky Is Beautiful

Patrick J. Stephen, the awesome photographer/videographer who created this video about Peterborough, has produced a short trailer video called "Kawarthas From the Sky" that is beautiful.

Patrick tells PTBOCanada how the video came together showing the amazing Kawartha landscape views, farmland, rolling hills and sunsets:

"A little while ago, I approached the Millbrook Businesses Improvement to work on a promotional film. It is really going to be fun showcasing my hometown. I've been photographing these same landscapes for years and wanted to get a different perspective and add motion to really give the landscapes energy. I've been planning this shot in my mind for months to open with a car driving down into the valley as the sun rises. I got in touch with the talented drone pilot Steve Mayhew from Yo Steve Productions to help out. The conditions were perfect. Originally it was just going to be that one shot, but as we got flying around with the drone, we came away with some pretty cool views. We don't often see landscapes from this height and time of day. After seeing what we were getting, I just had to create something with it."

We hope to see extended version of the video at some point down the road.

Watch the trailer video below...

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