A 9-Year-Old Peterborough Girl Is Filling Her Giant Crayola Bank With Donations To YWCA

UPDATE: August 14th -> Mya is having a lemonade stand today (Sunday) from noon until 2 p.m. on the corner of Monaghan and Sherbrooke at Prince of Wales school. Please drop by and donate to her Crayola bank with all donations going to YWCA!


ORIGINAL POST: August 11th

As the Associate, Annual Giving and Events at YWCA in Peterborough, Nicole Pare's children often hear her talking about all of the amazing stuff donors make possible in the community and how YWCA helps women and children. Her 9-year-old daughter Mya acted on those words.

"When I arrived home Tuesday after work, Mya had written a note asking for donations to YWCA and taped it to her Crayola bank," Pare tells PTBOCanada. "It's a huge bank, but she wanted to fill it with $100 for YWCA! It was such a proud Momma moment."

The awesome Mya with her Crayola Bank

The awesome Mya with her Crayola Bank

And here's the thing: The support has been amazing already.

"We live in the most incredible community," Pare tells PTBOCanada. "In 24 hours, Mya raised $50.60 in change—$25 in donations from family friends, Wendy Brown and Jamie Hughes, and an offer from Jim Spence of Bryston to match Mya when she got to $50!!! All of that means that within 24 hours, Mya has raised $150.60 for YWCA! Her goal was $100, but friends and family still want to donate, so we’re keeping it going until this Sunday, with plans for her to bring it all to YWCA Monday morning."

Look at all the change donated to Mya already for her Crayola bank going to the YWCA...

Pare tells PTBOCanada it's becoming more and more common for children to arrive at YWCA, excited to give them the money they've collected for the women and children in YWCA shelters. "Rather than asking for gifts on their birthdays, kids are asking for donations! Children are learning about giving and philanthropy at home and in schools, and it's natural for them to want to help to make their community a safer place. They leave knowing those dollars will change someone's lives, and for us we know that connection, that gift, may change their lives as well."

If others are interested in helping out Mya’s fundraising efforts, donate online here (leave your messages for Mya in the comment section there), or by stopping by YWCA Peterborough at 216 Simcoe Street, Monday to Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. And if you see that giant Crayola bank around town, donate there to Mya!

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