A 9-Year-Old Peterborough Girl Is Filling Her Giant Crayola Bank With Donations To YWCA

A 9-Year-Old Peterborough Girl Is Filling Her Giant Crayola Bank With Donations To YWCA

Mya, you so rock

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Peterborough Mom Writes Heartbreaking Facebook Post About Why Her Daughter Lost Her Best Friend

Nicole Pare's 8-year-old daughter Mya has ADHD and is on medication for it. But like many other kids on medication, this doesn't stop the Grade 4 student from being an amazing kid and living a "normal" life.

Which is why what happened to Nicole's angel is heartbreaking, and she wrote about in a Facebook post that we re-posted below....



Nicole's Facebook post...

"I'm annoyed. I'm more than annoyed. I'm angry.

My daughter, who has been diagnosed with ADHD has come home crying that her best friend has told her that her Mom doesn't like Mya because she takes medication.

So, I called the Mom once Mya was all tucked in and asleep. I called her because that child must be mistaken right? No child would be disliked because she takes medication, right?


This uneducated mother has told her child, every time the child asks for Mya to come over over, that Mya can't. Mya can't come over because she's uncomfortable that Mya takes medication. She's uncomfortable.

Who the hell cares that YOU....an ADULT woman is uncomfortable with the fact that Mya has one pill a day. IT'S NOT YOUR BUSINESS. Oh, and HOW DOES IT EVEN AFFECT YOU?

WHY? WHY not educate yourself before passing judgement? Why not educate yourself before opening your mouth? And WHY even TELL your 9 year old daughter that?

You know what? I'm uncomfortable. Yup, that's right. I'M uncomfortable that we even needed to have this conversation.

I'm uncomfortable. I'm uncomfortable seeing my 8 year old cry herself to sleep because her best friend can't be her best friend because she takes medicine to help her feel better.

Please. If YOU are UNCOMFORTABLE with something, perhaps educate yourself.


For the record, Mya is the coolest cat I know. The sweetest most sensitive soul. Mya has a heart as big as the universe. Uniquely herself. And THAT people, is what matters most."

Nicole Pare

Nicole Pare

We reached out to Nicole about re-posting this on PTBOCanada, and she told us this: "Perhaps if this post can help a few more people become a little more educated....the world would become a more inclusive place."

So true. 

Keep shining Mya. We are all your friends.

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