Peterborough Police Service On Mental Illness And Looking After Their Own

On Bell Let's Talk Day, Peterborough Police put out a powerful release about the importance of looking after the needs of their own. Read it below...

"The Peterborough Police Service supports Bell Let’s Talk Day and the fight to end stigma around mental illness.
For our Service, the wellness of all of our members, sworn and civilian, is crucial. The work of providing emergency service presents unique personal challenges that are not limited to operational staff.
We continue to seek opportunities that help our members cope with the rigors of their work and we have launched a variety of initiatives to ensure our employees are healthy both in mind and body.

These initiatives include an Employee and Family Assistance Plan that provides staff and their immediate family members with the ability to contact any registered psychologist, social worker or psychotherapist for confidential support and assistance.
In January of 2015, our Service implemented a Wellness Program for our members who are exposed to traumatic incidents on a more frequent basis. The mandatory aspect of this program removes stigma and ensures consistent check-ins.
In addition, five senior leaders completed a certificate course from Shepell and Queen’s University on 'Leading a Mentally Healthy Workplace' focusing on creating a healthy work environment and removing stigma.
Our Service recognizes that no one is immune to mental illness and we continue to build on the internal programs we have in place to ensure our members are properly supported."

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