New Decorative Bike Racks Installed In Downtown

Last winter, after hearing from Councillor Dean Pappas that there is an appetite for artistic bike racks in downtown Peterborough, staff at “City Welding” got to work creating some unique designs.

The resulting prototypes impressed City staff, who included some of the decorative racks as part of the regular annual order. Now, these custom bike racks are adorning City Hall, the sidewalk in front of Spa Euphoria and the sidewalk on Charlotte Street just west of George Street.

Modified copy of IMG_1793.JPG

“I’ve had this idea for a while and it is great to see it come to fruition, and even better that these bike racks are designed and manufactured in Peterborough," says Councillor Pappas.

There are three designs so far: one depicting Market Hall, one of the Lift Lock and one of the Quaker building. This winter, City Welding plans to create additional designs.

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