Omemee Shirt Purchased For Neil Young From PTBO Northern Originals In Peterborough

Mike Watt, owner of PTBO Northern Originals, a heritage-based clothing brand focused on local pride in Peterborough and the Kawarthas, was ecstatic when a member of Neil Young's crew dropped in to purchase his Omemee shirt on Friday (December 1st).


"An assistant came in and grabbed them for Neil and Daryl [Hannah, his partner] on Friday," Watt tells PTBOCanada of his T-shirt line, which is available online and at his store Flavour Fashion in downtown Peterborough.

"We actually hid an 'N Y' in the design—his initials—as a tribute to him," Watt tells PTBOCanada.

Neil Young's show in Omemee

Neil Young's show in Omemee

Young may not have worn the Tee for his special concert Friday night in his home town of Omemee, but it was a cool moment the entrepreneur Watt won't soon forget.

"I have to be honest—when we developed the design for the shirt we always hoped to get one to Neil," he says. "We're huge fans and want to pay tribute in some small way. This was special."

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