PTBOCanada Featured Post: Meet Noah Crowley From Micks Financial Solutions In Peterborough

For Noah Crowley, the opportunity to give back to the community that has supported him from birth was too good to pass up. Born and raised in Peterborough, it was after securing two diplomas from Fleming College and a degree from Trent University that he truly realized what he wanted to do with his life: help people set themselves up financially for today and well into the future making sure nothing gets left to chance.

After a year away from the city, Noah came back to an opportunity in Peterborough with Micks Financial Solutions. After securing his insurance and mutual funds licences, he isn’t looking back.

Noah Crowley isn't looking back after returning to this city he loves

Noah Crowley isn't looking back after returning to this city he loves

The Crowley name is well known throughout Peterborough, with his parents Dave and Cindy being long time community advocates and owners of the incredibly popular restaurant Ricky’s All Day Grill franchise in town.

It is now Noah’s goal to continue the legacy his family has created by getting involved and giving back. This is why he’s joined the Board of Trustee's with Five Counties Children's Centre and has immersed himself in youth sports as a coach.

Shawn Micks, Brandy Terry (licenced administrative assistant) and Noah Crowley are great team who care about community.

Shawn Micks, Brandy Terry (licenced administrative assistant) and Noah Crowley are great team who care about community.

As a licenced Financial Advisor, Noah works closely with clients to help them gain a better picture of where they sit financially. Using Sun Life’s “Money for Life” approach, he works closely with each client to create a Financial Plan that suits their needs both for today and down the road.

Rarely do people like talking about life insurance, but it is an important part of every well rounded financial plan. Life is usually a marathon, not a sprint, and preparing for the unexpected is something that always needs to be discussed.

Noah’s goal is to help people understand the importance of both Life and Health Insurance to ensure that the most important things to his clients are always protected no matter where life takes them. No one is immune to disaster, which is why his goal is to ensure that if/when disaster strikes he’s provided them with the right coverage to take financial stress off the table.

Shawn Micks

Shawn Micks

At Micks Financial Solutions, they offer a wide array of products and services tailored to each individual client they work with. Shawn Micks has created a business strategy you can trust. Working together, both Shawn and Noah make sure their clients are covered, with a focus primarily on Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Investments.

They work with young families, people looking to retire, people loaded with debt looking for assistance managing it, and graduates just leaving post-secondary. No matter your situation, they can assist in building a Financial Plan that suits your needs.

Located at 300 Aylmer St. North in downtown Peterborough, Noah and the team at Micks Financial Solutions are there to help. They encourage everyone who has extra money available at the end of the month to get it working for them by investing in smart investments that provide the opportunity for more return than a simple bank account can offer.

For more info on Micks Financial Solutions, find them here...

Twitter: @MicksFinancial
Phone: 705.775.2246

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