Peterborough-Based Chimp Treats Will Have Product Line In Whole Foods Stores Across Ontario

Brooke Hammer

Brooke Hammer

Peterborough-based company Chimp Treats has announced their Nicecream line of products will soon be available on the shelves of Whole Foods.

Whole Foods—known for their natural and organic food options—makes for a perfect match with the single ingredient fruit ice cream 22-year-old entrepreneur Brooke Hammer has created with Nicecream. Chimp Treats will also be introducing two brand new flavours to the mix, Mango Banana and Strawberry Banana.

As the founder of Chimp Treats, Hammer came up with the idea of taking a popular recipe she was making in her home (an ice cream made entirely from bananas) and bringing it to grocery store shelves everywhere.

As a varsity athlete and Trent University student, she put her company ideas to action and added entrepreneur to the list, developing the process to make it all possible. She launched Chimp Treats in June 2016. She currently operates her business full time in the Innovation Cluster’s downtown Cube, Peterborough’s innovation incubator.

Chimp Treat's products are currently on shelves in Toronto, Peterborough and the surrounding area including Sobeys, JoAnne's Place, Fiesta Farms and Foodland. Now, Chimp Treats is excited to expand its signature product to the Whole Foods organization, showing that eating healthy can also be a treat.

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