Pig's Ear Wedding: Yes, A Peterborough Couple Is Getting Hitched At The Piggy Before It Closes

Last call for the the iconic Pig's Ear Tavern in Peterborough is April 22nd, and one local couple who met there will be toasting its farewell in an epic way: by getting married there.

Yes, Jason Stabler and Nicole Gagliardi will be getting hitched at the Piggy on Sunday, April 9th in front of friends and family at a private event. Stabler and Gagliardi met at the Piggy's popular Thursday Night Trivia in 2013 and continue to be regulars at the monthly "Family Open Mic" nights with their 14-month-old daughter, Adelena.

Nicole, Jason and Adelena

Nicole, Jason and Adelena

The couple had always imagined the Pig’s Ear playing a part in their wedding day, and approached owners John Punter and Lylie Ryder about hosting the marriage at the Tavern when they learned of its sale in January. John and Lylie happily obliged.  

“We’re really grateful to John and Lylie for making this happen for us before closing day,” says Gagliardi. “We’ll be tying the knot with equal parts nostalgia and joy, as we close out one institution and enter into another—marriage!” 

While the location may seem unconventional, Stabler says it was a natural choice. “People say that a wedding should reflect your personal style, and we are Peterborough people. We're downtown people—Pig's Ear people—so it makes perfect sense for us to get married there.” 

The couple have even set up a Facebook page—Nicole and Jason's 'Pig's Ear Wedding'—for their big day and will be dressed by the well-known downtown fashion store Plush Boutique for the wedding. “We’re not exactly white gown and tux people," says Gagliardi. "We wanted something that reflects our modern, urban style, and we found that at Plush.”

If the wedding toasts are not made by the clank of wine glasses but rather Labatt 50 bottles, well, beauty, eh.

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