Crocodile Spotting In Jackson Creek

UPDATE: There is no crocodile in Jackson Creek. Happy April Fool's Day all!! 



This snapshot was just sent to us by a reader who spotted—and was unbelievably lucky enough to snap a photo—of a Crocodile swimming in Jackson Creek. How it got there is anyone's guess, but most likely someone thought it would make a cute pet when it was a baby and abandoned it when it grew larger.

Since Jackson Creek runs through the heart of downtown, be on the lookout for it anywhere from Jackson Park all the way to Little Lake.

We asked the Peterborough Field Naturalists as to how it could be living here. They suspect it has been feasting on all of the ducks that have overwintered here and will now be eating the Canada Geese that are returning home for Spring.

Hopefully Animal Control is able to catch it soon, and perhaps it will end up at the zoo if they can take it. Let us know on social media if you spot it by tagging us in pictures and using the hashtag #CrocWatchPtbo.

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