Watch Kate Suhr's Beautiful New Video "Fourteen" Filmed In Peterborough

Peterborough musician/actress Kate Suhr has released a new video for her original song "Fourteen" that people are raving about. Directed by Rob Viscardis—who Suhr says is wonderful to work with—it was filmed at the new Luxury Lofts in downtown Peterborough.

"Most of my videos are covers, but I decided to start putting my originals to video," Suhr tells PTBOCanada. "I was scared to do it for some reason, but I'm trying to be more gutsy this year, make some moves and not doubt myself. I don't always know how to share my art but I'm realizing we all connect to stories, both tragic and magical."

As for the song "Fourteen", Suhr says "it's about two people who keep coming back to one another, but just can't seem to make it work. Love and forgiveness is really the heart of the matter."

Watch the video below...

Suhr is heading back into the studio with James McKenty (who she did an earlier EP with called Something More) in early April to begin recording her full album, on which "Fourteen" is one of the singles.

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