The Parking Meter Was Broken But Here's A Feel Good Peterborough Story

Musician/actress Kate Suhr posted this message and photo to her Facebook page below about a great experience she had in downtown Peterborough.

Kate suhr (Photo by Sam Gaetz)

Kate suhr (Photo by Sam Gaetz)

Suhr tells PTBOCanada she was compelled to post it to Facebook because it was such a genuine Peterborough moment:

"I was running late for a photoshoot with Jennifer Moher and the open parking spot I found at George and Hunter had a meter that was out of order," she tells PTBOCanada. "I decided to write a quick little note and left the money by the windshield.....silly, I realize.

I told Jen what I had done and she laughed so hard, both of us assuming the coins would be gone and I would have a ticket. Low and behold, hours later the money was still there and better yet—no ticket! I had a little giggle and couldn't believe it. Toronto is ruthless when it comes to parking, so this stunned me. I actually said out loud, 'I love this place.' Only in Peterborough."

True dat.

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Watch Kate Suhr's Beautiful New Video "Fourteen" Filmed In Peterborough

Peterborough musician/actress Kate Suhr has released a new video for her original song "Fourteen" that people are raving about. Directed by Rob Viscardis—who Suhr says is wonderful to work with—it was filmed at the new Luxury Lofts in downtown Peterborough.

"Most of my videos are covers, but I decided to start putting my originals to video," Suhr tells PTBOCanada. "I was scared to do it for some reason, but I'm trying to be more gutsy this year, make some moves and not doubt myself. I don't always know how to share my art but I'm realizing we all connect to stories, both tragic and magical."

As for the song "Fourteen", Suhr says "it's about two people who keep coming back to one another, but just can't seem to make it work. Love and forgiveness is really the heart of the matter."

Watch the video below...

Suhr is heading back into the studio with James McKenty (who she did an earlier EP with called Something More) in early April to begin recording her full album, on which "Fourteen" is one of the singles.

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Peterborough's Kate Suhr Dressed Up As Ariel For An Ennismore Girl At Sick Kids Hospital

Three-year-old Ennismore child Eliza Grace Payne is battling leukemia at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children. She is a spirited and brave child who loves Disney princesses.

Her aunt is well known local musician Melissa Payne, who happens to be good friends with Kate Suhr—an actress/musician from Peterborough who is playing Ariel in The Little Mermaid theatre production at the Randolph Centre for the Arts in Toronto. Kate and Melissa got to talking and came up with the idea of Kate dropping by the hospital in character as Ariel to lift Eliza's spirits.

Eliza with her parents Chris and Mary, with Ariel (Kate Suhr)

Eliza with her parents Chris and Mary, with Ariel (Kate Suhr)

So after her show on Sunday (December 11th), Kate went to the hospital with her stage manager from the show dressed as Ariel and surprised Eliza, who was with her parents Mary and Chris. She stayed in character the whole time.

Kate tells PTBOCanada it was one of those special days she will never forget. "Eliza is just so brave," she tells us. "I'm so grateful to have met her. Her and her parents are superheroes. I won't ever forget this day."

Swimming down the hall with Eliza

Swimming down the hall with Eliza

Kate, who has been reflecting a lot lately on why this happens to such young kids, tells PTBOCanada she wants to return to the hospital as Ariel again to put a smile on more kids' faces and give them hope. She wants to help them, and this is such a powerful, tangible way of doing so. She sees the impact it has, the sense of magic and awe it creates.

A hug from a Princess to Eliza...

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Peterborough's Kate Suhr Lands Role Of Ariel In Toronto Production Of The Little Mermaid

Three weeks into rehearsals and Kate Suhr is still pinching herself.

The Peterborough songstress who recently relocated to Toronto to concentrate on her singing and acting career has just landed her first Toronto musical role and it’s a BIG one—she’s playing Ariel in The Little Mermaid!

The PCVS grad is no stranger to our local stage, having starred in numerous St. James Players productions as well as taking on a roll in the Peterborough Theatre Guild’s The Sound of Music.

As a Humber College Bachelor of Applied music grad, Kate is a maestro with the mic. Her musical training—including being proficient in the piano, guitar and ukulele—lead her to release her debut CD entitled Something More, which she performed at last summer’s Boots and Hearts festival!

Having dreamt of being a Disney Princess since she can remember, this is Kate’s big break on the big stage in the Big Smoke! The Little Mermaid opens April 2nd at Randolph Academy and will be on a run of 16 matinee shows that’ll be fun for the whole family.

—By Aaron Elliott

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Watch: Peterborough Musician Kate Suhr Has A World Of Talent

Photo Kate Suhr courtesy Jennifer Moher

Photo Kate Suhr courtesy Jennifer Moher

Picture via @katesuhr

Picture via @katesuhr

One listening session of Peterborough's Kate Suhr and her undeniable musical talent and you just know you’re witnessing a star in the making. Whether it be at a local open mic, or on stage at Showplace, the extremely gifted musician always puts on a memorable performance. Kate, a former PCVS Grad, and Humber College vocal student, is one of many local talents working hard around Peterborough polishing their skills with the desire of making a career out of it—even if the road is a long and tough one. A regular cast member in Peterborough Theatre Guild productions, Kate is soon leaving our community to move to Toronto to pursue her dream of singing and acting full time! Before she leaves, though, she is working on one last incredible locally themed project: a duet series with people that have influenced her life in this city she loves—those that she has looked up to, has gigged with, learned from, created art with, taught, etc. Sit back and take a listen to these below... —Aaron Elliott

Ho Hey, wish Kate all the best...

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