A Deer Made Several Tourist Stops In Downtown Peterborough Today

The Silver Bean Cafe on the Otonabee River often does a Customer Of The Day on their board, and Friday's might be an animal: a deer.

Yes, a deer made a jaunt near the cafe in Millennium Park in downtown Peterborough on Friday morning (May 26th)—right near the MNR building, appropriately enough—and Bean staff member Sam Milliken witnessed it, along with owner Andrea VanDerHerberg and her kids.

"William, Grace, Andrea and I were sneaking up on rabbits nibbling by the train tracks, when all of a sudden we saw a deer running toward us at full speed down the tracks," Milliken tells PTBOCanada. "It crossed through some gardens, ran along the river line until it hopped the fence by the cafe, and I guess having nowhere else to go, it jumped into the river and swam to the nearest island!"

They were all too excited in the moment to get photos of the deer, but did capture this pic below of it swimming to the island (the little dot in the pic is the deer) that they posted to their Facebook page...

So Oh Deer, what a Friday it was at The Bean.

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