Meet The Duck Family Living In The Courtyard At PRHC That Entertains Patients & Visitors

UPDATE (June 14th): Nine of the 11 baby ducks, including their mom, have been relocated. Two babies still remain in the courtyard but will be relocated soon. Mom and her babies were relocated to a nearby pond and have since made their way back up toward the hospital, waiting for baby ducks No. 10 and No. 11 to be taken out to meet them.



There is a Mama Duck at PRHC again this year, and she’s raising 11 (yes 11!) ducklings inside of the enclosed courtyard at Peterborough Regional Health Centre.

No one is quite sure if this is the same mama who has come back year after year or if the courtyard is first come first serve? It’s apparently a preferred destination and they’re well looked after.

The courtyard provides great cover from the elements and potential predators. A beautiful courtyard full of vegetation and lush greenery, it's an awesome spot for the ducklings to play—all the while providing a closer look for patients, visitors and staff at their day to day life as they grow.

PRHC reminds visitors to the courtyard to give the ducks their space and not feed them...

Eventually the family is taken by crate outside to the nearby pond area to continue their lives until they’re able to fly away to wherever it is they eventually go.

Here is the pond area on PRHC grounds where they are taken...

Then, next year, more ducklings will be born and the courtyard will be full of quacking again as life begins anew.

By Aaron Elliott

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