Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre Has Taken In More Than 300 Injured Turtles Already This Year

The Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre has seen a huge increase in the number of injured turtles it's taken in this year.

"Last year at this time we had taken in 175 injured turtles, and today we are at 315," the Turtle says in a Facebook post as to how overwhelmed they have been.

Injured turtle brought in

Injured turtle brought in

"Dr. Sue Carstairs and our wonderful vet techs work diligently to give care to each turtle as it arrives," the Turtle Centre says.

Here's a picture of vet tech Amanda treating an injured snapping turtle in their hospital reception area...



The Turtle Centre—which relies so much on the public for continued financial assistance to treat each and every turtle that comes through their doors—are always so happy to hear about people who are helping turtles cross the road and save other injured turtles by bringing them in.

Here are some more of the injured turtles that have been brought in...

"We take in dead turtles too, sometimes there are eggs which we will extract and incubate," adds the Turtle Centre in the Facebook post. "Also, a turtle may appear dead but not actually be. We can make them more comfortable almost instantly."

Kudos to the staff there who are doing hero's work.

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