UPDATED POST: Someone Stole Jackson And Chubby From The Riverview Park & Zoo

UPDATE 2: Awesome news. "The turtles were just dropped off and appear to be fine," Jim Moloney tells PTBOCanada. 

"We'd like to thank everyone that helped to get the word out and helped to bring them back home," the zoo says in a message on their Facebook page.

Here's a picture of Jackson and Chubby the zoo sent us of the returned turtles...


UPDATE: Jim Moloney, Manager & Curator of the Zoo, tells PTBOCanada this about the theft of their much loved turtles Jackson and Chubby:

"Jackson and Chubby are box turtles that have been at the Park and Zoo since 2006. They're very popular with the students that take part in our education programs and tours. Chubby is somewhat unique and a good teaching example in that his shell did not develop correctly. He also has some other medical issues that we have been treating in an ongoing basis. It appears that someone broke into one of our outdoor exhibits just to take the box turtles as several other animals were left in the exhibit. Neither of the animals is native to this part of North America and they are unlikely to survive in the wild. We just want them returned so that we can ensure they are okay and get the ongoing care they need."



Peterborough's Riverview Park & Zoo says that someone broke into the zoo's aviary and stole two of its beloved turtles.

Chubby and Jackson

Chubby and Jackson

Jackson and Chubby, their box turtles, were taken and the zoo desperately wants them back. Anyone with any information should contact the zoo immediately.

"Please spread the word and help to bring them home," the zoo says on its Facebook page. "Someone knows where they are."

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