Thousands Of Post-It Notes, An Innovative Team & Hashtag Combine For Great Birthday Prank

The Innovation Cluster's Operations and Human Resources Manager Alyssa Stewart had quite the birthday surprise on Tuesday (July 4th) when she came into work in the VentureNorth building in downtown Peterborough.

Her colleagues had spent 2.5 hours and used thousands of Post-it notes to "makeover" her cubicle and wish her a Happy Birthday.

"Alyssa started the hashtag #cubeprankwars a couple weeks ago when she plastic wrapped a coworkers desk and filled my office with balloons for my birthday," her colleague Rosalea Terry tells PTBOCanada.

Alyssa's earlier pranks...

"She always brightens our day so we figured we would brighten her day by post-it note bombing her office," Terry tells PTBOCanada. "We take innovation seriously but we also know how to have some serious fun."

And yes, they definitely rocked it with this latest cube prank war...

Alyssa looks happy in this photo below but you can tell she's already plotting her next move in the Cube Prank Wars...

The birthday girl Alyssa

The birthday girl Alyssa

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