PTBOCanada Featured Post: They Met At A Pita Pit & Now Own A Pita Pit, The Steph & Matt Story

Not many people will ever experience the bottom to the top/coming full circle story that Matthew Brown is currently living. Born and raised in Peterborough before moving to the Niagara region with his family when his father took ownership of a store franchise, Matt is now living back in our community as a new store franchise owner himself.

Opening the 2nd Pita Pit franchise in town located at 999 Lansdowne St W., Matt has literally gone from being a fan of the food to an owner of it. Growing up watching his dad own his own business franchise, he became intrigued with the idea of being his own boss and standing behind a business he felt just as passionate about.

Matt & Steph

Matt & Steph

He was always fan of the Pita Pit brand and the quality of its products as a customer and thought it was a business he could really stand behind. When an opportunity arose to work for the chain in St. Catharines, he jumped at the chance and soon became a manager, allowing him to learn the insides of the job before taking the next step.

Along the way he met Stephanie Ervin, who was a frequent customer, and before long they formed a team both personally and on a professional level. Her extensive food background as a Red Seal Pastry Chef and restaurant manager combined with his experience working for the brand and being around a franchise owner has helped the couple become a formidable duo.

The couple loves running the pita pit together and have been welcomed by the community

The couple loves running the pita pit together and have been welcomed by the community

The two were huge fans of the healthy alternative Pita Pit provided people looking for a quick food option and before long looked for an opportunity to become franchise owners themselves.

Taking on the tough selection process that eliminates roughly 80 percent of applicants right off the bat, the two were successful and given a list of placement opportunities. Matt saw the Peterborough market as a great opportunity, and the two jumped at the chance to relocate to his hometown.

Matt and Stephanie opened up their Pita Pit location in the newly created Byersville Creek Plaza on Lansdowne Street, and things are taking off! If you’ve experienced Pita Pit before, you’ll know that their selection is unparalleled in the fast food market.

Pita Pit uses only lean protein meats combined with a wide range of fresh veggies and sauces to create some of the healthiest tasty treats you can dream up, all in all in a customizable way which Matt and Stephanie are proud to stand behind, and create just for you.

What people might not know is that they also offer breakfast pitas and smoothies, along with catering and delivery!

Their pita chips and sauces are delicious

Their pita chips and sauces are delicious

The great food combined with customers satisfaction are Matt and Stephanie's two main focuses. They legitimately like building relationships with their customers, and feel that something as simple as a friendly “hello” and smile when someone walks in the door can go a long way. Walk into the restaurant and chances are you’ll see Matt and/or Stephanie hard at work along with their staff.

Being in the newly formed plaza puts the duo right in the middle of Peterborough’s restaurant alley on Lansdowne. They waited for over a year to take possession of the location and the wait has been worth it they say.

The high traffic gives them a chance to meet a wide variety of customers who have shown them that Peterborough is the same humble community that Matt remembers growing up in as a kid.

matt & steph pride themselves on having a clean, modern space

matt & steph pride themselves on having a clean, modern space

The transition to Peterborough has been rather easy for the two and now that they’re settled, they’ve decided to give back to the community.

They hosted a Friends and Family night before their Grand Opening where they accepted donations in exchange for free pitas and on their first Friday in business. They donated $1 from every pita sold, and personally matched both donation amounts combining to contribute $2,800 to Five Counties Children’s Centre.

In their brief existence, they’ve already donated to the YES Shelter for Youth and Families, the United Way of Peterborough, and to the Motion Ball for the Special Olympics. Considering leaving them a tip? They donate those too on a monthly basis to various charities around town.

The next time a craving hits you for something quick and delicious, Matt and Steph invite you to give Pita Pit a try and experience the difference healthy alternatives they provide.

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