Peterborough County On Gifford Causeway Garbage Post Being Shared Widely On Social Media

On Tuesday (August 8th), Brad Sinclair posted to his Facebook page about the mess of garbage along the James A. Gifford Causeway he discovered while out for a kayak ride. He was appalled by the amount of garbage he saw, and wanted to know what could be done.

The post is getting hundreds of shares from concerned citizens...

Peterborough County put out a media release on Wednesday afternoon in regards to the post with the following response:

"It is disgraceful that some people don't honour and respect the beauty and nature of our region. Peterborough County Waste Management provides waste removal services in the areas where public access is accessible. County Waste Management’s role can be unchanged unless directed by Council. Any decision to restrict the use of the public spaces surrounding the causeway would have to come from Council (in discussions with the MNR and the Township of Selwyn) who meet on August 23."

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