PTBOCanada Featured Post: Meet Waterfront Expert Kim Letto From Century 21 United Realty

Competition in the real estate world is at an all-time high and that means for many agents listings can be hard to come by. Often, they’ll take whatever they can get, as they can’t afford to be picky.

A select few, however, specialize in certain types of property, not minding the extra work it takes to both find the listings and make the sales. For Kim Letto of Century 21 United Realty, that specialty involves taking advantage of a major asset that Peterborough and the Kawartha’s has to offer: waterfront.

Kim Letto has a passion for cottage country

Kim Letto has a passion for cottage country

Originally from the east coast of Canada, Kim moved to Toronto at the age of 18 to attend school and find employment. The Big Smoke offered what few other places in Canada can, and the transition was easy. Eventually though, big city life became too much, and she moved up the 115 to Peterborough with her husband while they both continued to commute.

With a background in retail design and construction management, Kim traveled all around North America working in different malls and airports, honing her skills and experience in dealing with major properties that would later come in handy when she decided to make the ultimate career change and enter the real estate world.

Kim is lucky enough to be a waterfront property owner herself, living year-round on Big Bald Lake with her husband, just north of Buckhorn.

Being on the water year-round, she keeps herself busy: She's currently the President of the Big Bald Lake Cottagers Association, is past president of the Buckhorn District Tourism Association and a former member of the board of directors for the Buckhorn Community Center.

There is no hiding the fact that she has a major passion for the area and the water that surrounds it, which is why it’s an easy and obvious choice to be her career focus.

While working with waterfront properties can be a beautiful thing, it poses a whole different set of concerns when it comes to buying and selling them. As a waterfront property owner herself, Kim lives and breathes what her clients are hoping to, so while it might be a steep learning curve for some, she feels right at home and in her element.

Kim understands structure and building which makes her confident in her ability to advise buyers and sellers on what they should focus on whether selling or buying, for best value.

She can prepare clients for what to expect and the process of planning required to make any changes and give them a heads up about any restrictions they may run in to in the different local municipalities—especially along the water. Sure there might be weeds and zebra mussels in spots along the Trent Severn, but that shouldn’t be cause for concern. She knows how to manage things like that, with ease.

Kim has now been in the real estate business for almost six years and can say without a shadow of a doubt that she was born to do this job. Before acquiring her license, she knew she wanted to work with an industry leader like Century 21, but began her career elsewhere before finally making the transition to work with Vanessa Oake and her team in 2016.

What made the change an easy one was the consistency and communication that she received from both the broker and the office management. The office support, communication and tools she and the other agents receive on a daily basis make it easy to feel like they’re part of a team, even though they’re all essentially self employed.

A major bonus is that Century 21’s management team have all been agents in the past so they truly know the ins and outs.

One might think that when the weather gets a bit colder that waterfront interest would go down, but Kim stays active all year round. There is always a market for beautiful property in the Kawarthas!

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