12 Mallards In Peterborough Died Suddenly On Sunday

Local naturalist/writer Drew Monkman has posted on his blog "Our Changing Seasons" about the sudden, mysterious death of 12 Mallards in the North End of Peterborough on Sunday (September 3rd).

Photo by Barb Evett

Photo by Barb Evett

Monkman writes on his blog that, "At around 10 a.m. on Sunday, September 3, residents in the Tobin Court and Evans Dr area in the north end of the city, reported the sudden death of 12 Mallard ducks. Earlier a group of 14 ducks was observed walking up Tobin from a local pond just south of that location, munching on grass. They did not display any distress at the time. Moments later 12 of these ducks lay dead on residents’ lawns and driveways."


The police were called as well as the MNR, Humane Society and the City of Peterborough, and an investigation has begun. As for the two surviving ducks, they are now being treated at a wildlife rescue hospital.

Monkman tells PTBOCanada he hopes we can get to the bottom of what caused the deaths: "Although we don't yet know for certain, I suspect some kind of pesticide explains the deaths."

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