Wedding Guests Form Heart Shaped Love For Bride & Groom In Farmer's Field In Keene

Chris Bryan and Ashleigh Blinkhorn—who both grew up in Keene—married there on August 26th on Ashleigh's parents farm near Peterborough.

Ashleigh & chris

Ashleigh & chris

It was a beautiful day for a wedding on the Blinkhorn Farm.

Screen shot 2017-09-06 at 6.34.40 AM.png
Screen shot 2017-09-06 at 6.35.41 AM.png

What the made the day even more special was the idea for the guests to form a heart shape in the field after the ceremony to symbolize their love for Chris and Ashleigh.

Here are the guests taking their positions...

Screen shot 2017-09-06 at 6.36.22 AM.png

Aerial imaging photographer Mack Evenden captured the moment for the couple using his drone, and explains to PTBOCanada how it went down:

"The idea came sooner, but we didn't actually work on making the heart until two days before the wedding when my friend, and Chris's cousin, Mike Raymer (an engineer and now a full time firefighter in Ajax), actually calculated out the perimeter of the heart needed with roughly 150 guests with each person taking up roughly 3 feet of space sideways."

Screen shot 2017-09-06 at 6.37.43 AM.png

"Once they spray painted the heart with their calculations, they cut the grass so that it was easier for the guests to know where to stand and the spray paint wouldn't show up in the picture," Evenden tells PTBOCanada.

"I was given 15 to 30 minutes to round everybody up and take the shot. We made an announcement directing everybody where to go, and they all lined up. The photographs and video were taken in less than 20 minutes. Having the heart shape cut out of the grass greatly reduced the amount of time needed for people to get into position."

Here is what it looked like from the sky, with guests forming the heart around the bride and groom...


And here is a closer up view of the love...


Here is Evenden's drone capturing the wedding guests afterward as they ran into the heart to gather around Chris and Ashleigh...

Screen shot 2017-09-06 at 6.37.17 AM.png

One thing's for certain: This is one summer wedding these guests will never forget.

Watch the drone video footage here...

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