Nostalgic Peterborough Couple Launching Ice Cream & Popsicle Bicycle Pedal Parlor Co.

[UPDATE, May 6th]: Here are pictures of the bike and the design...

Niki AllDay prepping bike

Niki AllDay prepping bike




Ever since Peterborough couple Niki Allday and Jesse Guerin first begin dating, they agreed that one day they would purchase an ice cream bicycle and bring back those amazing childhood memories of Dickie Dee ice cream.

"The sound of the bell is something I will never forget," Niki tells PTBOCanada of her childhood memories of the colourful modified tricyle with its fiberglass compartment full of frozen tasty treats. The couple purchased a vintage original Dickie Dee bike and are refinishing it, and the name of their business will be the Pedal Parlor Co.

The bike Niki and Jesse purchased

The bike Niki and Jesse purchased

Niki and Jesse believe their locally owned and operated ice cream bicycle will bring a sense of nostalgia along with it—"a feeling of happiness, and memories of sunny summer days where the bells ring, and you run outside to catch the bicycle with your friends."

Niki & Jesse

Niki & Jesse

"We are hoping to have some of the original flavours sold by Dickie Dee, including rockets and fudgsicles," Allday tells, adding "we are also hoping to have a few dairy free, vegan and healthy options."


Weather permitting, Pedal Parlor Co. will launch sometime in May on residential streets in town, but the bike will be "road ready" with its new design by April. Jesse will be doing most of the actual bike riding, while Niki will look after marketing and purchasing. If all goes well, more bikes will be added and they will eventually have a fleet.

The modern twist of being able to utilize social media will enable people to find out the location of the bike on Pedal Parlor's Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. As well, the bike will be available to service birthday parties, picnics, weddings and other special occasions. For more info, email the couple here or visit their website where you can submit your favourite flavours.

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