The Zoo Introduces A New One Year Old Camel Named Baika To The Public

Riverview Park & Zoo has introduced a new camel to the public. Baika, a Bactrian camel, is about a year old and was excited to meet Zaya and Gobi, the zoo announced in a tweet.

"We're very excited to have Baika join our camel exhibit," the zoo's Manager and Curator Jim Moloney tells PTBOCanada. "She came to us from a truly amazing and world class zoo in Quebec, called Zoo sauvage de St. Félicien."

Baika First Day on Exhibit 03.jpg

"Baika is just more than a year old and she's just been introduced to our existing camels Zaya (female, 7 years old) and Gobi (male, 9 years old)," Moloney tells PTBOCanada. 

Baika First Day on Exhibit 00.jpg

Baika has actually been here for a few months, but she's been off-exhibit to meet quarantine requirements and during her initial training.

Baika First Day on Exhibit 01.jpg

Go check out Baika on Easter weekend or whenever you can get to the zoo next!

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