Peterborough Changes City Slogan To 44°18′N, -78°19′W At Last Minute In Middle Of Night

[UPDATE: Happy April Fools' Day all! The new slogan will not be 44°18′N, -78°19′W. We love "Live Outside the Ordinary!" Rock that.]



The new, new slogan that will brand Peterborough for years to come has been unveiled, and was emblazoned on the sign welcoming you to our fair city over night.


Yes, "44°18′N, -78°19′W" now greets you as you exit off Highway 115, a punchy slogan that passed unanimously at City Council at the last hour during a secret, emergency meeting called late last night as city councillors changed their mind again about the tagline and branding for the city.

"We really loved this new submission that came into our email box at the last minute," said council in a media release that went out a 3:05 a.m. “We feel this new slogan will put Peterborough on the map! Plus, the numbers look really cool and chic. Numbers are all the rage right now. You know, 'I came off the 115 via the 401 and hit the 44°18′N, -78°19′W' could be a great little ditty.”


Nitpickers who nitpicked about the previous excellent chosen name "Live Outside the Ordinary" are already criticizing the name on social media, as technically the latitude and longitude coordinates would actually place you somewhere in the Otonabee River near Little Lake… not where the sign is located. 

"Don't take the coordinates too literally," one council member told us over early morning coffee. "They are supposed to simply guide you to the heart of Peterborough."

If all goes well, we will soon see "44°18′N, -78°19′W" emblazoned on local T-shirts and people using the hashtag #44187819 on social media.

—story and photos by PtboCanada's Evan Holt

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