The Story Behind Kawartha Food Share's First Ever Refrigerated Truck

Kawartha Food Share has something vital they've never had in their 19 year history: a refrigerated truck.

Their goal this year was to start increasing the amount of fresh food products they distribute from their warehouse but in order to start accessing these type of products from donors, they require a refrigerated truck to safely transport food to and from the warehouse.


Thanks to community grants from the Peterborough Police Services Board, Food Banks Canada and the Peterborough Kinsmen, they were finally able to purchase a truck.

"This truck is really a dream come true and couldn't have been possible without our local service groups who believe in our cause and want to help us in the fight against hunger in our community," Kawartha Food Share's Ashlee Aitken tells PTBOCanada.

"Often times when people think of items at a food bank, they think non-perishables and we are really working hard to change that perception," adds Aitken. "Currently about 35 percent of what we distribute to our 8,000 foodbank clients are fresh and frozen foods, and with this new addition we hope to make that 50 percent by the end of the year."

Ashlee Aitken from Kawartha Food Share

Ashlee Aitken from Kawartha Food Share

KFS will use this vehicle as a way to rescue fresh food from farmers, food producers, suppliers, restaurants and grocery stores in the area that would usually discard safe for consumption produce, and put it on the plates of those in need.

They have only had the truck for a week, but have already formed a new relationship with Costco, a longtime supporter, that allows them to access a variety of fresh produce from their warehouse 6 days a week. They hope to form a similar relationship with other local grocers so foodbank clients will have even more access to healthy, nutritious food options.

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