Watch: Ashlee Aiken On "PTBOCanada" Show Talking About The Impact Of Kawartha Food Share

On Episode 35 of “PTBOCanada”, we sit down with Kawartha Food Share General Manager Ashlee Aitken to learn about the huge role the organization plays in the community—and how the community gives back.

Neil Morton in conversation with Ashlee Aiken

Neil Morton in conversation with Ashlee Aiken

Aitken tells PTBOCanada that it’s a big operation running Kawartha Food Share, which has a lean staff. They have 37 agencies they look after and 51 schools that are accessing food all the time.

“We have about a 100 volunteers a week in there… without them, we’d really be nowhere,” she says. Indeed, Kawartha Food Share is feeding about 9,000 clients a month at food banks.

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Donation Of Over $16,000 From Holiday 2 Hours Free Parking Presented To Kawartha Food Share

A total of $16,256 was raised for Kawartha Food Share in December 2018 through the generosity of people who opted to pay for parking during the Holiday 2 Hours Free Parking period, Mayor Diane Therrien announced with program sponsor HotSpot on Monday, January 28th.

This year, Holiday 2 Hours Free Parking was sponsored by HotSpot Parking. Hotspot has continued its support by announcing an additional $500 donation to Kawartha Food Share. “Kawartha Food Share is able to purchase $6 worth of food for every $1 it receives, bringing the total buying power of this combined donation to over $100,000,” Mayor Therrien says. “This donation is helping people throughout our community to put food on their tables.”

“We are so thankful for the continued support of the City of Peterborough and the local shoppers for supporting Kawartha Food Share each and every December,” says Ashlee Aitken, general manager of Kawartha Food Share. “This donation will allow us to purchase $100,000 worth of food which is an amazing help for us as we begin to restock our shelves after the busy holiday season.”

“We are excited to be contributing to the Peterborough community with this donation,” adds Phillip Curley, CEO of HotSpot. “Since we launched our parking app in December, we’ve had 1,602 drivers register to pay for their parking in Peterborough on the HotSpot app. This is a great start and we look forward to a strong future in the city.”

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The Story Behind Kawartha Food Share's First Ever Refrigerated Truck

Kawartha Food Share has something vital they've never had in their 19 year history: a refrigerated truck.

Their goal this year was to start increasing the amount of fresh food products they distribute from their warehouse but in order to start accessing these type of products from donors, they require a refrigerated truck to safely transport food to and from the warehouse.


Thanks to community grants from the Peterborough Police Services Board, Food Banks Canada and the Peterborough Kinsmen, they were finally able to purchase a truck.

"This truck is really a dream come true and couldn't have been possible without our local service groups who believe in our cause and want to help us in the fight against hunger in our community," Kawartha Food Share's Ashlee Aitken tells PTBOCanada.

"Often times when people think of items at a food bank, they think non-perishables and we are really working hard to change that perception," adds Aitken. "Currently about 35 percent of what we distribute to our 8,000 foodbank clients are fresh and frozen foods, and with this new addition we hope to make that 50 percent by the end of the year."

Ashlee Aitken from Kawartha Food Share

Ashlee Aitken from Kawartha Food Share

KFS will use this vehicle as a way to rescue fresh food from farmers, food producers, suppliers, restaurants and grocery stores in the area that would usually discard safe for consumption produce, and put it on the plates of those in need.

They have only had the truck for a week, but have already formed a new relationship with Costco, a longtime supporter, that allows them to access a variety of fresh produce from their warehouse 6 days a week. They hope to form a similar relationship with other local grocers so foodbank clients will have even more access to healthy, nutritious food options.

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Downtown Shoppers Donate $10,000 To Kawartha Food Share

Downtown Shoppers Donate $10,000 To Kawartha Food Share

Well done downtown patrons!

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Three Loonies Have Now Raised $1,200,000 In 15 Years For Kawartha Food Share

The “Three Loonies on the Street” raised over $100,000 on behalf of Kawartha Food Share this year, bringing their 15 year total to $1,200,000 raised.

101.5 The Wolf, 100.5 Fresh Radio and CHEX- TV hosted again this year, welcoming The Loonies—Peter Blodgett of Darling Insurance, Bob McGillen of McGillen • Keay • Cooper Law Office and Robb Bennett of the Liftlock Group in Peterborough.

Kawartha Food Share assists more than 8,100 men, women and children every month through 37 member agencies. In 2014, their warehouse distributed over $10 million worth of food and emergency care needs.

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Petes Raise Over 3,000 Pounds of Food Through Project Shutout Hunger

The Peterborough Petes are proud to announce that 2,416.2 pounds of food have been raised through the Project Shutout Hunger program. When combined with cash donations collected throughout the campaign, 3,090.1 pounds of food will be donated to the Kawartha Food Share.
Eight teams representing the Peterborough Minor Hockey Council (PMHC) participated in the program, holding tag days and other events to help end hunger in our community. The Novice AAA Petes collected 856.4 pounds of food, the most raised by any participating team. As a reward for their efforts, they will attend the Petes game on January 29 against Connor McDavid and the Erie Otters. Prior to the game, the team will be recognized in an on-ice presentation.
Kawartha Food Share General Manager Steve Sullivan says “We’re thrilled to see the support from the Petes and local minor hockey organizations. Project Shutout Hunger helps feed more than 7,600 men, women and children in our community every month.”

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City In Need: Check Out This Kawartha Food Share Fact Sheet

Kawartha Food Share distributes food to 37 local agencies that run food banks, food cupboards and meal programs. Here's some stats from 2013 they provided to us—many alarming—about the number of people in need in the community:

48 schools access Kawartha Food Share to help with their breakfast clubs and meal programs. In the month of March 2013, more than 158,000 meals were served in Peterborough area schools. 17,000 children are fed daily.
• In 2013, Kawartha Food Share distributed over $10 million dollars worth of food.
• Currently, 7,728 people are using food banks every month in the City and County of Peterborough—a number which increases to 11,244 when reflecting multiple visits.
Food bank use has increased by 35% over the past 5 years.
41% of local food bank users are under the age of 18.
• In the month of March alone, 300 people visited a food bank for the very first time.
24% of food bank users are a mix of post-secondary students, pensioners and the working poor, many of which are only able to find part-time work in this community.
• Kawartha Food Share’s volunteers work the equivalent number of hours as 10 full-time paid staff positions.

[Kawartha Food Share]

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Police “Cramming Cruisers” For Thanksgiving Food Drive For Kawartha Food Share

Screen shot 2013-10-07 at 9.27.37 PM.png

The Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service, Community Services Unit will be collecting food donations from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Thursday October 10th and Friday, October 11th to support Kawartha Food Share.

Officers and Kawartha Food Share volunteers will be at the Sobeys on Lansdowne Street West, Sobeys on Towerhill, and the Foodland on Sherbrooke Street the Thursday and Friday before Thanksgiving. They will also be collecting food donations at the Foodland in Lakefield in support of the Lakefield Food Bank on Friday, October 11th.

“This is a very busy time at local food banks and we appreciate the continued support we receive from the Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service. Last year the Cram a Cruiser Food Drive raised over 12,000 lbs. of food,” says Dave Ralph, Chair of Kawartha Food Share.

Kawartha Food Share appreciates the support Peterborough and County residents offer in the fight against hunger in our community. Without this generosity and on-going assistance, it would truly be impossible to reach out to over 7,700 people a month who are in need. Kawartha Food Share also supplies healthy snacks to student nutrition programs who serve over 158,000 meals in area schools each and every month.

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Local Food Bank Really Needs Your Donations

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CHEX Newswatch reports on the continuing need for donations to the food bank Kawartha Food Share in January and February, due to a spike in the need for food.

[CHEX Newswatch]

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Video: Gift of Christmas At Historic Red Dog For Kawartha Food Share

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