Watch: Ashlee Aiken On "PTBOCanada" Show Talking About The Impact Of Kawartha Food Share

On Episode 35 of “PTBOCanada”, we sit down with Kawartha Food Share General Manager Ashlee Aitken to learn about the huge role the organization plays in the community—and how the community gives back.

Neil Morton in conversation with Ashlee Aiken

Neil Morton in conversation with Ashlee Aiken

Aitken tells PTBOCanada that it’s a big operation running Kawartha Food Share, which has a lean staff. They have 37 agencies they look after and 51 schools that are accessing food all the time.

“We have about a 100 volunteers a week in there… without them, we’d really be nowhere,” she says. Indeed, Kawartha Food Share is feeding about 9,000 clients a month at food banks.

Watch the episode below…

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