Fish Monitoring Happening On Gifford Causeway

The County of Peterborough in partnership with Curve Lake First Nation will be monitoring the status of the walleye in Chemong Lake for the next five years.

This Spring, County consultants along with Curve Lake First Nation community members will be collecting information on walleye that inhabit and spawn in nearshore areas of Chemong Lake along the Causeway and Eastern Shoreline.

As part of this study, water quality, egg collection and night monitoring will occur during the month of April. Water quality will be captured using data logging equipment placed on the lakebed. The sampling procedures they use are not harmful to the fish.

Picture of Gifford Causeway courtesy Peterborough County

Picture of Gifford Causeway courtesy Peterborough County

It is very important the equipment is not disturbed, according to a County release. Signs will be placed at both ends of the Gifford Causeway notifying the public about the fish monitoring in progress. 

During the evening while they are performing the monitoring, people may see monitors traveling by boat and counting the number of walleye observed using spotlight style lighting equipment. Generally, workers could be onsite between 6 p.m. and 4 a.m., so don’t be startled if you spot them.

As they move forward with this monitoring, information updates will be shared with the public and also posted to their webpage on the James A. Gifford Causeway.

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