Peterborough's Esther Doré Honoured For 50 Years Of Volunteer Service At Hospital

Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) is celebrating the countless contributions of their 500+ dedicated hospital volunteers, and that includes a very special milestone for PRHC volunteer Esther Doré, who was recognized for her 50 years of service.

Inspired by her mother, 83-year-old Esther began her volunteer journey at Peterborough Civic Hospital in 1968. Times were different then, she says, but the core reasons she enjoys volunteering remain the same.

“It’s the giving of yourself and meeting people,” says Esther. “God gave me the gift that I could listen and also chat. My greatest joy is meeting people and spreading the word for volunteerism.” 

Esther Doré (photo courtesy PRHC)

Esther Doré (photo courtesy PRHC)

Esther currently provides pastoral care at the hospital but has worn many volunteer hats over the years including planning hospital dances, organizing skits for clinical staff and taking trips to Toronto to procure items to sell at the hospital’s Gift Shop.

Esther embodies the spirit of volunteerism, PRHC says: “She is known as being funny, kind, compassionate, and the type of person you want to be around—especially when facing adversity.”

“Some people don’t have any family,” Esther adds. “Just being a good listener is so important to a lot of people. My advice is if you have spare time, it doesn’t matter whether it’s at the hospital or at hospice, just help someone. I’ve held a lot of hands through illnesses here. I’ve been truly blessed.”

For more information about volunteering at PRHC, click here.

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