"Murphy's Law" Documentary World Premiere Screening At Showplace June 18th

UPDATE (April 13th): Watch the awesome trailer just released for Murphy's Law...



"A girl broken, her dead parents, a lost and found journal, a 40 year old bicycle, Ireland, some Guinness and hopefully, a little redemption."

That is the premise of Murphy's Law, a new documentary with a world of potential, screening at Showplace June 18th by Peterborough-based radio personality/actress/comedian—and now filmmaker—Megan Murphy.

Still from  Murphy's Law

Still from Murphy's Law

In this much anticipated doc, Megan is sharing her story about retracing her late Dad's bike trip in Ireland in 1973—and learning more about herself in this journey of self-discovery.

Megan tells PTBOCanada there is something really special about showing this doc in her hometown, in this community that's been so supportive of her:

"I'm nervous and excited and incredibly humbled to premiere my film in my hometown," she says. "They say it takes a village to raise a child. Peterborough is my village. I am her child. I hope I make her proud!"

Still from  Murphy's Law

Still from Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law screens, appropriately, on Father's Day weekend—on Saturday, June 18th at 7 p.m. at Showplace. Megan will be doing a Q & A after the doc with audience members.

Still from  Murphy's Law

Still from Murphy's Law

Stay up to date with news on the documentary by following Megan on Facebook and Twitter. For a look back at what lead Megan to do the doc, click here and listen to her being interviewed on PTBOCanada Live With Mike Judson last year.

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Peterborough DJs Pitch "Dead Air" Show To CBC's ComedyCoup Competition

UPDATE: November 3rd -> Megan Murphy informs us that Dead Air is now in the Top 55 nationally for this CBC competition! Voting for the Top 15 begins this Thursday and runs through Sunday. So make sure you vote for this great local talent right here!! Learn more about the show on their Facebook page.

Learn more below about the show in our original post...



Jay, Megan & Linda

Jay, Megan & Linda

Three Peterborough radio personalities—Megan Murphy, Linda Kash and Jay Sharp—are pitching CBC's national ComedyCoup Competition, which gives fans the power to help their fave comedy show concept turn into a half-hour special for CBC prime time. The trio's show is called Dead Air, and they describe it as WKRP in Cincinnati meets The Office. It's about a small town radio station full of big city egos. The star character is "Mike Street", a middle aged morning show host at “The Lizard 90.3”. Mike had big dreams of making it to a major radio market but grew to enjoy the attention of being “The Morning Mayor” in his hometown. Dead Air follows the perks and pitfalls of being a small town celebrity, and all the social discomforts it brings. Watch their pitch video here for their sitcom pilot, and follow them and rate them on the social media widgets at their CBC page, share their page with others, and sign up to be a CBC ComedyCoup fan. They need all the shares they can get to help advance to the next stage of voting!

You can follow Dead Air on Twitter here or "Like" them on Facebook.

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A Beautiful Story About A Peterborough Woman's Plan To Retrace Her Late Dad's Bike Trip In Ireland In 1973

[UPDATE (July 7th): Huffington Post picks up our post.]



Peterborough's Megan Murphy was broken and lost when her mother and father passed away—her Dad, Marty, in 2004 at age 57, and Mom, Mary, in 2012 at age 65.

She was depressed after their deaths—both lost battles with cancer, and Megan had been by their side all along—and had lost her spirit for life. She could barely breathe. And so, she did this a lot...

Her parents had been everything to her...

On the eve of her 35th birthday, she found herself returning her engagement ring to her newly titled “ex”-fiance after a five year relationship, packing up her small car with all her belongings, and moving back to her childhood home after her Mom's death...

Once there, she began going through all her parent's old belongings...

Among the belongings, tucked away in a long ignored box, was a diary of her Dad's she’d believed had been lost years before in a house fire. She read the diary. She was enthralled. In the wonderfully descriptive journals, her father wrote about a solo bicycle trip he had taken through southern Ireland in 1973 at age 26 when he was trying to "find himself". The diary chronicled his trip in the beautiful country, his ancestral home, and how this essentially became his journey into manhood.

Megan also found his 1973, 10 speed Peugeot hanging in the rafters of the family garage. It was on this bike, she writes, that her father discovered on his Ireland trip "the beauty of the country that was his ancestral home, the sacredness of solitude, the sting of loneliness, the joy of laughter and the value of his fellow man. He stopped. He took a moment to stand on the precipice and just breathe."

Megan became obsessed with the idea of re-creating her Dad's trip. 

"Maybe if I go backwards and recreate this journey, I can find my own path forward," she writes. And live again. Be this Megan again...

Megan took that old, 40-year-old bike with such a rich history and refurbished it. And now it's this...

She brought it back to life and is training on it because she has an amazing plan. A beautiful plan. She's taking the bike, his journal and a film crew to Ireland to retrace his steps. To find her lost spark—"to find my whimsy again," she says.

Megan now, her Dad then

Megan now, her Dad then

Megan, an actor, comedian and radio show host in Peterborough, is calling this documentary she'll be doing in Ireland, appropriately enough, Murphy's Law. She's funding it through inheritance money from her parents, and by raising money through an Indiegogo campaign. Her goal is $25,000, and she has raised more than $8,000 so far. She needs your help to keep the momentum going, and there is plenty...

Because really, her journey isn't just a personal one about finding herself and learning more about her Dad, her parents, her life, and what makes her happy. It's a universal one we all go through with finding ourselves, finding the meaning of life—and where we're supposed to fit in that. One Hollywood ending could have her meeting an Irishman and riding off into the Irish countryside on that bike with him...

And maybe marrying that Irishman, and having an awesome wedding and marriage like her parents...

Another narrative could be Megan just finding her true purpose in life. And being this again...

...and not this..

As Megan writes, an Irish proverb says “Some journeys aren’t meant to be taken alone." So, yes, somehow it feels like we're all taking this journey with her.

Every day.

post by Neil Morton

Give to her campaign here, follow her journey here, and watch her Indiegogo video below...

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